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Displays the fav-icon in the location bar as Firefox 13 and earlier did

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kocham to! - fashioholics.pl

zainstaluj przycisk z serduszkiem i dodawaj ubrania, które pokochałaś, na www.fashioholics.pl bezpośrednio z poziomu przeglądarki.

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StubHub Preview

Take StubHub with you anywhere on the Web and be first in line for tickets to your favorite events. Just set your preferences and watch for alerts and ticket information in your browser window when your preferred events become available.

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Hamara Plugin Bhaiiii

Finds links that have a target attribute

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Click Reader

ClickReader reads the text of a web page out loud using the built-in voice on Windows and Mac OS X. It can read selected sections of the page or read continuously from a specific location. Text on the page is highlighted as it is read aloud.

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TwiTango is an easy way to post webpage citations to Twitter

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Demo Plugin

Finds links that have a target attribute

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NFL Washington Redskins Interactive Theme No Restart

With the Washington Redskins Browser Theme, you'll enjoy, two stunning Redskins themes, quick links to Redskins Facebook and Twitter pages, easy access to the best of Redskins.com and breaking news from Redskins Park

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Bookmax - Online Bookmark Manager No Restart

Bookmax.net is an online bookmark manager to store bookmarks, lists, contacts, memos, notes and more online.
FREE and PREMIUM version. It has hierarchical folders, statistics and thumbnails (premium) and many more tools. Try the free version.

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Socioner No Restart

Позволяет видеть ПОЛНУЮ информацию по людям, которые пишут Вам письма или создают, комментируют статьи на различных сайтах.

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Awesome Search Extension

Search folder / tags / tabs. Expand urlbar results / links

Main features
-Search:folder names,tags,tabs title+url/ tab content
-context menu on search results of the url bar:navigating through folders,tags,visiting times+sites of same domain

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To play Lines use: right-click or Tools menu.

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PDF export support by Gecko.

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Jupiter Broadcasting Affiliate Redirect

Automatically redirects affiliate URLs to add Jupiter Broadcasting affiliate codes.

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hyPlayer - Hypem.com play/pause/next Buttons

Navigate Hypem.com directly from your Firefox.
For more Information, visit the project page.

Please rate and comment if you want to have more features!

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Webdriver Element Locator (deprecating:see below)

Please note: This extension is to be superseded by a context menu driven version. See below.

This addon aids the creation of WebDriver automation scripts by automating the location and verification of page elements.

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Akari Link Shortener No Restart

Akaza Akari will reduce the presence of your URL.
Using the http://waa.ai API to generate short links. A button is added to the menu bar and options are also added to the context menu.

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