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Send As SMS Requires Restart

You Can Send Selected Text / Typed Text As Free SMS To Any Mobile By Using Ur Free SMS Account

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38 users

Firefox2Bash CONTEXTO Requires Restart

Send to bash script the element under the right click mouse.

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18 users

RapidIMG Requires Restart

RapidIMG Quick Uploader

Not yet rated
1 user

Supersavingsfinder Toolbar Requires Restart

Find the best deals and coupons as you shop

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1 user

Mevoked Toolbar Requires Restart

Mevoked is a platform where users can react, share and discover content in an expressive and intuitive environment.

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Share this page

The fastest way to send your friend a link! - share the current web page on Facebook, Twitter, Email, via the toolbar...

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150 users

Journaux Quotidiens Algeriens

Add-on du Journal Quotidien pour navigation les journaux quotidiens algeriens

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13 users


The official QUOTE.fm extension.

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12 users

Fabrico Requires Restart

Complemento para busca na base de dados Fabrico

Not yet rated
1 user

Books Library

Fast search of digital books to download and read in a moment.

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104 users

eShopper 1.0 Requires Restart

Download and install your free eShopper school support button and start shopping your favorite websites.

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12 users

Conversor Web

Ten siempre a mano un encriptador/desencriptador de base64, de date y encriptador de md5(). Perfecto si eres programador web y necesitas comprobar datos continuamente.

Not yet rated
22 users


Access closed-over variables in the Firebug console. (Obsolete - use Firebug 1.11.2 instead.)

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16 users

Add-Ons UKSW Requires Restart

Add-Ons Created By Aditya Dwi Saputra

Not yet rated
1 user


Introducing Flimby, your FREE all-in-one Social Toolbox.

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2 users

MentorMob Requires Restart

The official MentorMob extension for Firefox. Add steps to your Playlists with just a click of a button.

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5 users


Widget Headline Persibmania.com

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1 user


Detect and Share Media Link

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8 users

view sourcecode Requires Restart

source code of any webpage

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37 users



Rated 4 out of 5 stars (10)
10 users