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Bachelorpub Requires Restart

Search Engine For Bachelorpub.com

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Copy in Forums Requires Restart

A tiny add-on that's help you copying from javascript protected content

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Помошние для прохождения тестов

Сохраняет тесты с фрелсансерских сайтов таких как Апворк(Одекс), Еласн, Фрилансер.

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WebHostingBillBoard. Requires Restart

This is the official Web Hosting Billboard extension for Firefox. The add-on clearly help in understanding the services offered by Web Hosting Billboard.

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( ( Don't Know them ) to hide People you may not know in Facebook..
تطبيق ( مانعرفهم ) لاخفاء بلوك اشخاص قد تعرفهم في الفيسبوك

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Проверка EN-RU опечаток Requires Restart

Проверка слов на подстановку в них латинских букв, схожих по написанию с русскими. A-a, C-c и др. на сайтах .gov.ru

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Force.com LOGINS Requires Restart

Lets you login salesforce.com with 1 click.
Usefull to manage multiple login credentials for salesforce.com / force.com

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GF Sonderzeichen und Formatierungen

Fügt Sonderzeichen und Formatierungen in Beiträgen von gutefrage.net ein.

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HCGDietKits SearchEngine Requires Restart

This is the official HCG Diet Kits extension for you to search for best Diet Kits, advices, products and price for FireFox.

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New Tab Toolbar Button Updated Version Requires Restart

Adds a toolbar button which opens a new tab when clicked.

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Hangrz Discover Button Requires Restart

The Hangrz extension allows users to quickly add images from any site to their Hangz.com account.

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NoBBB Requires Restart

Quer bloquear textos que postam relacionados ao Big Brother? O addon NoBBB bloqueia e permite que voce veja se quiser!

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Add Back Instagram Integration to Twitter Requires Restart

Add-on to add inline Instagram images to Twitter.

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Angle Conversion

Convert among measure of angle viz., degree, radian, mil, grad, minute, second, point, circle etc.

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WeClever Firefox extension

Расширение WeClever для Firefox позволяет Вам экономить, совершая покупки в Ваших любимых магазинах! Получайте кэшбэк и узнавайте о самых новых скидках предложениях на сайтах, которые Вы посещаете!

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Convert Annual Percent Rate to Annual Percent Yield based on various compounding methods ranging from daily to yearly

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Offline Switch

Work offline switching button.

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VentlessFirePlacePros Requires Restart

Official FireFox extension of http://www.ventlessfireplacepros.com to search for fireplaces beyond incredible. Provides information of the best fireplaces even for those that are not available in the marketplace, product variants and price.

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paintitgreyscale Requires Restart

Surf the web in soothing shades of grey! This fully greyscales all text, and images in your browser.

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