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Bumia Requires Restart

Link submitter for bumia.com service

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Korpus lexical: dictionary, thesaurus, translation

Dictionary, translation, thesaurus, Text-to-Speech, bilingual phrase pair and more

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تويتر بدون نتائج جديدة | Twitter No new results

يمكنك متابعة جديد التغريدات بدون ظهور نتائج جديدة , تظهر تلقائياً
You can follow any new tweets without the emergence of new results, appear automatically.

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This will take you to www.icanprove.com for signed screenshots and session logs. The URL of the current web page is copied automatically.

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This simple addon is simply made to load a set of site links. You can add multi site links and set the loading interval. By default, the loading interval is set to one second.

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Ching extension for Firefox Requires Restart

Ching extension for Firefox

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swich to closet Requires Restart

go back to closet

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YouRepeat This Compatible with Firefox 57+

A toolbar button to quickly loop a YouTube video using the YouRepeat online service.

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shorturl emaildeutschland.de

Changes a big URL into short URL.

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neoe-block-firefox Requires Restart

block whatever neoe dont want to see.

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BookmarkG Requires Restart

BookmarkG.com - A new social bookmarking site.
Helping you share web pages privately with friends.
Our addon allows you to bookmark the page your viewing quickly. Just two clicks and the page is saved into your bookmarkg.com account

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Search Amazon

This extension is the most advanced tool to reach, Search Amazon Store with ease to get to your favorite products. For Desktop and Mobile with options and categories. Try it !

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Show less chrome by default unless it's needed

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Load All Now Requires Restart

This addon scrolls to bottom of the page and back to make some pages load fully at once.
Load All Now deals with anoyance on some pages when site loads its contents successively, but partially when you scroll.

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Die2Nite Enhancer

Die2Nite Enhancer improves your game experience on Die2Nite.

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New Tab Image Requires Restart

Add an Image for New Tab.

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Rádio Gazin Requires Restart

Rádio Gazin - Firefox

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Data:URI Requires Restart

Get Data:URI for a given image file.

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