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Extension para tuenti que aporta algunas mejoras a esta red social.

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unshort No Restart

Addon for links unshorting

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WhoIsLive Sidebar

WhoIsLive Sidebar

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This extension lets you edit the page.

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tv.wrzuc.to plugin

Limits were yesterday!

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ff 4 and 5 compatibility cybersearch created by Ryan Wagner (CyberNetNews.com)

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Murdoch Alert

MurdochAlert warns you whenever you visit one of the 100+ Murdoch Family-controlled websites. If you're not ready to block them all, MurdochAlert can warn you instead. Also it's handy for identifying news sources controlled by the Murdoch Family.

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Mobilize Web

Create smartcodes for every URL in a page

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PasswordProtect is a firefox extension that helps you with keeping your different accounts on the web safe by generating different secure passwords for your accounts. And the best part - you may choose to remember just one password for logging in!

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I Like Google!

Somewhat customizations of Google's search page to make it more social networking oriented.

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Alpheios Arabic Tools

Extension for reading and learning Arabic. Requires the Alpheios Basic Libraries extension, available at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/15085 . This is an Alpha release.

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Text Formating Toolbar + Single Click downloader

Text Formatting Toolbar + Single Click attachment downloader for www.frendz4m.com

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AlexPro QuickPick

Componente aggiuntivo per il Software AlexPro di Gestione Studio.
E' uno strumento per il salvataggio delle pagine web (o parte di testo selezionata) nella Pratica AlexPro. E' anche utilizzato per l'aggiornamento delle Pratiche AlexPro da PolisWeb

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Russian Bible Linker

Adds hyperlinks from Russian Bible references to an online Bible.

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Меню 4pda.ru

Удобная навигация по сайту 4pda

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Run Narcissus JavaScript in the browser.

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URimage.net - Free Image Hosting

URimage.net - Free Image Hosting

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BUYNOW Кнопка добавления заказа в корзину

Кнопка для добавления заказов из любого интернет магазина в корзину заказов сайта www.buynowus.ru.

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Quran Player

Listen To The Holy Quran from Tvquran.com
Just Click Quran on the bottom bar of your FireFox page
فقط قم بالتحميل
أعد تشغيل الفيرفوكس
في أسفل الشاشة فقط قم بالضغط
و أستمتع بأحلى التلاوات

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Snaporama No Restart

Keep your tabs organized by taking snapshots of groups of tabs and quickly bringing them back when you need them.

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