Up & Coming Extensions


unframe Requires Restart

Removes the top bars of some sites by replacing the page with the IFRAME contents

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4 users

Unimerc - Amazon Price Tracker Requires Restart

Unimerc is an Amazon price tracker. Track Amazon prices without ever leaving Amazon's website. View a price history chart, set price alerts, and find some of the biggest discounts on Amazon.

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22 users

unlint.github.com Requires Restart

This automatic linter is the easiest way to validate code style in any pull request on github. Simply press lint button in github pull request page.

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1 user

Unofficial cloudho uploader Requires Restart

Upload image to cloudho in context menu. This extension if unofficial.

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1 user

Unterberger Requires Restart

Erleichtert das Lesen des Unterberger-Forums (http:\\www.andreas-unterberger.at)

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3 users

URL Escape and Unescape Requires Restart

You can escape and Un-escape the URL by one click. You can convert your text as escaped(Secured text) and un-escape later.

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22 users

verycdfetch Requires Restart


Rated 3 out of 5 stars (7)
382 users

Video Page rememberer Requires Restart

Allows you to mark a page as a video page so when you are watching a video and dont remember what tab it is in, you can just click the icon and go to the page you marked.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
8 users

Video player resizer for sportbox.ru Requires Restart

Добавляет возможность перемещать и изменять размер видео проигрывателя на страницах сайта sportbox.ru.

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657 users

VideoUnblocker Requires Restart

Unblock videos from izgledai.me

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81 users

vk_download Requires Restart

для скачивания музыки вконтакте vk

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (3)
745 users

vn_addon Requires Restart

This add on support user to read vnexpress.net without any advertisement.

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1 user

Vtex Admin - Otimizacao de Interface Requires Restart

Esta extensão aprimora algum recursos e componentes de interface do Vtex Admin afim de facilitar o uso e simplificar as tarefas.

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1 user

Web Gucker Requires Restart

Mark TEXT and search for it on google (web, books, usenet-txt), bing, yahoo and dmoz.org) by simply using a menu.

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1 user

Webdriver Element Locator (deprecating:see below) Requires Restart

Please note: This extension is to be superseded by a context menu driven version. See below.

This addon aids the creation of WebDriver automation scripts by automating the location and verification of page elements.

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83 users

WebpageDateChecker Requires Restart

Some articles on the internet are frustratingly not always given a publishing date, so you don't know whether the information you are reading is fairly current or way out of date. Just right click on any webpage to get a panel with the results.

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218 users

Website SEO Analysis Requires Restart

Website SEO Analysis provides in-depth SEO information about a website relative to over 20 criteria.

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74 users

Wegtam Search Agent Quick Search Requires Restart

The Wegtam Search Agent extension adds a new entry into the context menu of your browser when a text is marked on the website. The new context menu entry contains the possible search modes that will be started in a new tab on www.wegtam.com.

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81 users

Weibo in Firefox Requires Restart

embed weibo.cn in Firefox making it easy to use.

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25 users

What's My Public IP Requires Restart

Find your public IP or your personal IP information that is visible to the rest of the internet. Also check DNS settings and figure out what the name servers, a record, and other important DNS fields are for your favorite websites (or your own!).

Rated 2 out of 5 stars (2)
175 users