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Cherche des informations sur l'élement surligné dans votre bibliothèque !

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Google Favicon 2009 No Restart

changes Google's Favicon back to the colorful and easy to identify one, from 2009

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162 users

Google Favicon 1998 No Restart

changes Google's Favicon back to the first/oldest one from 1998

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53 users

Hide VK Emoji Smileys No Restart

This extention replaces emoji to the regular text smileys on private messages and dialogs pages of the vk.com social network.

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109 users

Post to Glimpse (BETA)

Add a context menu item to post images to the Glimpse service.

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Widget Google News

Un petit widget qui va, en cliquant dessus, vous permettre de vous tenir au courant des news de votre langue

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let you do Whatsapp using your Notebook keyboard.

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Android Debug Bridge For Firefox No Restart

This addon adds some Android Debug Bridge access to Firefox. It requires access to the adb/adb.exe executable from the Android SDK.

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253 users

Applicant Importer for COMPAS

This add-on will allow COMPAS users to export applicant records to COMPAS directly from their Firefox Browser.

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VTS Sign up extension is used to store login data into firefox.

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Androi User Agent

To change The user agent to Androi browser!

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radioeins-Tippspiel Randomizer

Tipp-Generator für das ARENA-Fußballtippspiel auf radioeins.de

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软键盘.虚拟键盘.Soft keyboard.Virtual keyboard


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NH Pic-to-Game No Restart

This is used only for members of the Nerd Herd. It will open a game corresponding to specific pictures posted in the Nerd Herd.

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Geography Puzzles

Learn Geography by doing map puzzles. Learn where things are. Just like that comes in the box jigsaw puzzle with rotatable peices

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قرآن کریم Quran in three languege complete way for life

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Removes the top bars of some sites by replacing the page with the IFRAME contents

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Chennien AIR - 陳年雲端


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YouScribe Instant Uploader

Uploadez tous les documents que vous trouverez sur internet de façon simple et rapide.

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Share this page No Restart

The fastest way to send your friend a link! - share the current web page on Facebook, Twitter, Email, via the toolbar...

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