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Shopsta Requires Restart

Find important shopping information to popular online retailers and service providers with just one click!

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KBrowser Requires Restart

KBrowser by Optimal Access, let's you pin and save your tabs in groups. Pinned tabs are only opened when you click on them. Close tabs without deleting them. Instant access to all your favorites! Your World Organized.

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66 users

PJe Tools

Plugin desenvolvido para auxiliar no envio das notificações pelo PJe, dentre outras funções.

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108 users

Serviio TubeFox

Send Youtube feeds to Serviio DLNA directly from Firefox !

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794 users

Quick File Launcher

Launch Programs & External Files directly from your Browser using the new Quick File Launcher Extension. You can add any File Extension (.EXE, .TXT, .JPG, .PDF) and even use Parameters to Edit a File or an Image using your Favorite Editor, and more..

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Using hotkey to fill and open. You can also use "AUTO" keyword in hotkey field, but then you have to add a url filter to fill form or open site automatically.

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Install Token Module

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Save pages to Pocket in a clear and unobtrusive way.

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Foot streaming

Cet addon Mozilla fournit la liste des matches de foot du jour et les informations présentant leur diffusion TV. Qu'il s'agisse de Ligue 1, de Ligue des Champion, nombreux sont les internautes à suivre les matches en foot streaming.

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Okezone Addon

For auto open okezone.com add-on

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Car Insurance

This extension helps you find the best car insurance quotes for your car by providing auto insurance reviews, quotes and news. The extension popups the latest car reviews with estimations of the average auto insurance quotes for a wide number of cars

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FabricPit Requires Restart

Mix and match trendy clothes, assemble complete outfits and express your style.

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My Screen Sharing

Allows capturing content of your screen in Cloud Video applications

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820 users

Basecamp 3 Me Button

Adds Me button back to Basecamp 3 menu.

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16 users

localization verifier

einmaliges Einspeichern von geolocate-Angabe

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Saent Plugin Dev

Support get current tab link of firefox for Saent App

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25 users


Share links, videos, photos and content from anywhere on the web with the Stacker

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ownCloud Bookmarks

Add-on for syncing bookmarks with ownCloud.

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341 users

Desktop Weather Channel

Check your local weather with one click, very fast and secure!
Check your daily weather on your current location.

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Rozšíření, díky kterému už nikdy při nakupování nezapomenete na GIVT.

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