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Spara tid när du näthandlar - aktuella rabattkoder med ett enda knapptryck. Med Discontaknappen får du blixtsnabbt en överblick över aktuella rabattkoder och erbjudanden för den sida du besöker för tillfället Enkelt och smidigt.

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PlayIt On Kodi

Send Video Links to Kodi / PlayIt

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Adds entries to the context menu that allow the user to share the page URL or a selection on his GNU social account easily: A new tab with a configurable GNU social site is opened, and the item is inserted into the textarea.

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Puzlin's aim is to help user to save time. It helps to archive, sort and share lists of its web links in a safe environment with respect for personal data. Puzlin is really a link-oriented collaborative search engine!

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PeopleMovers.com is the place for people and organizations to build strong communities and a better world. You can share ideas, needs, news, events and more on interactive bulletin boards for your community or organization.

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Popular Videos for YouTube™ Compatible with Firefox 57+

A grid view of most pupular videos on YouTube.

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Dodatek umożliwia integrację z Legislatorem.

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Right Mouse + Mouse Wheel = Zoom Page

Right Mouse Button and Mouse Scroll - Scale Page. RightClick + WheelClick = 100% scale.
And Image scaling.

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MyCurses Requires Restart

Replaces the text 'MyCourses' with 'MyCurses'.

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Simple URL Extender Compatible with Firefox 57+

Simply extend a shortened URL to reveal the real target by right clicking it and select "Simple URL Extender". Resource friendly. Powered by 9inchurl.com

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DTMF dialer

This addon dials phone numbers with DTMF to be used with the microphone of a desk telephone. So you can paste a phone number in the addon and dial it automatically instead of dialing it on the phone.

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WebMBT Builder - TestOptimal Requires Restart

Build testing models, as you navigate your AUT, to perform Model-Based Testing (MBT) with TestOptimal.

See short youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzwhAKUsuMw

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Sauce Connect Launcher Requires Restart

Activate Sauce Connect from your browser.

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Quickly and conveniently duplicate the current tab by clicking this Add-on's toolbar button.

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Gospik is a Firefox extension which will display
a discussion channel, for everything
users search on Google,
on the righthand side of Google search results page.
Users can interact with other persons
looking for the same things on google.

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My Notepad

An add-on that opens a new tab and provides a basic text editor.

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NoFap Panic Button

This extension provides an in browser version of the NoFap Emergency Relapse Prevention Tool.

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This will save you countless hours when researching topics and trying to remember which pages you were referencing. It will save your bookmarks on one place which can access easily.

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Karismo Screen Sharing Extension

This add-on allows you to share screen whith other users.

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Digital Wada FB-Games Hacker Requires Restart

Allows cheating in certain games. Please use with responsibility.Full Working Facebook Games.100% Working.

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