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Qvipe - Social Scam Alert tool

It free & easy to report a Scam.

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Smack the active tab and move it to the start or end of the tab list.

The addon code has been developed with the addon-sdk and is hosted on https://github.com/magopian/tabsmack

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ESMART Token PKCS11 module

Addon configures Firefox to recognize the ESMART Token PKCS#11 security module.

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74 users

Screen-sharing extension for Sambaclass

Compartilhamento de telas no Sambaclass.

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DSLR Notifier 2

Updated version of the original DSLR Notifier, created by Ryan Flint, which enables members of Dsl/Broadbandreports.com to keep tabs on their instant messages and updated...

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Extracts the thumbnail of youtube videos

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Lilasophy:Screen Sharing Add-On

Find all the tools you need to teach online at Lilasophy. This add-on will allow you to share your screen with your students while you provide instruction.

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Dominican U of CA Athletics Theme

Show your support for the Penguins with this awesome new tab page!

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Map & More

Select any address text on a webpage and find it's location using Google or Bing Maps. You can also set the address as start or destination address

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Jalis Infossites

Accédez aux informations Jalis Infossites de l'onglet courant sur Firefox.

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Outpost for Firefox™

Monitors your trades and offers, giving you desktop notifications whenever anything interesting happens!

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Online Subtitles

Provides a "right click" way of adding SubRip (.srt) subtitles to online videos.

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834 users

Make Facebook Cleaner

Removes Trending
Removes Sidebar ads
Removes right-side chat area

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Medium Korean Font

Change Medium font-family for Korean users.
From https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/medium-korea-font/kokpfknnegehljlpmbddjhlmbcbbmpbh

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open with referer

使用来路(request header中的referer)打开网页

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Copy text from element (Qlik Sense)

A basic add-on that copies the data from a Qlik Sense table

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Seat.im Screen Sharing

This extension enables screen sharing functionality for Seat.im.

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Klaspad Screen Capturing

This Firefox extension enables screen capturing. This extension is developed primary for https://www.klaspad.com/. It doesn't do anything except capturing content of your screen.

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Amazon 1-Click Lock

Adds an extra step to the Amazon 1-Click to prevent accidental purchases

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55 users

New Toplevel Tab for Tree Style Tabs

Adds a button and overrides New Window keystroke to create a top level tab with Tree Style Tab

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122 users