Up & Coming Extensions


Fake Name Generator Panel

Displays the Fake Name Generator site (fakenamegenerator.com) in a panel.

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79 users

Ideal Escapes

Ideal Escapes are owned by the dream. Travel, join or enjoy Ideal-Escapes.com

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Screen-sharing plugin

Este plugin é usado para permitir a compartilhamento da tela na aplicação de Chat por vídeo.

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6 users

PASS2Polyratings Requires Restart

For Cal Poly SLO students to link from PASS to Poly Ratings.

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1 user

InterConverse PinIt Requires Restart

Build targeted conversations with InterConverse using your interesting Pinterest Pins.

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29 users


Extensão é fundamental para prevenir um futuro bloqueio do ratotv por parte dos ISP's (provedores de internet). INSTALA-A.

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305 users

New tab button-epiphany style

epiphany style new tab button

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80 users


Earn cashback on all your online purchases via RebateCodes.

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YouTube.com Button Requires Restart

Open YouTube.com in new tab.

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290 users

Twitter.com Button Requires Restart

Open Twitter.com in new tab.

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16 users

Kaldata.com Requires Restart

Приставката дава възможност за следене на новините в Kaldata.com, както и за избор на конкретни секции от сайта и възможност за търсене в архива на Kaldata.com.

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205 users

Scrolling Gestures

Navigate your browser history with horizontal scrolling on your trackpad or mouse wheel, while still being able to scroll left and right.

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577 users


SiteChat - Chat On Any Website!
Site Chat lets you chat with other users of any website. Just click on the SiteChat button while browsing any website, and chat instantly with others on that site!

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14 users

Yesevi Lesson Reminder Requires Restart

This add-on automatially launches distance education lessons of Ahmet Yesevi University.

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2 users

Google Music Control

Control Google Music with Shortcuts!

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417 users

Linkozela Requires Restart

Toolbar button that allows to extract links from web pages according to specified keywords. Plus handy links to online apps and tools to submit current webpage for inspection: alexa, robtex, google translate, archive org, netcraft, uriwalet.

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42 users

OS X Dock Icon Changer

Allows you to set a custom icon for your Firefox in you Mac OS X dock.

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25 users

MS Password Generator

Create a unique password for each site and service.

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yuman collects high-resolution photos from 'unsplash.com' and makes your new tabs more beautiful.

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