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Przetłumacz z ling.pl

Znajdź tłumaczenie zaznaczonego słowa na ling.pl

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Suomi Sanakirja

Sivistyssanakirja, synonyymisanakirja ja käännökset hiiren oikealla klikkauksella.

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6PM.com Toolbar Button

Enjoy instant access to 6PM.com with the new Firefox plugin. Use exclusive shortcuts and immediately get to new and popular products, plus browse your favorite shopping categories.

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Displays the content of the HTML5 Local Storage for the current site.

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HN Submit Helper

Quickly submit the page you are on to YCombinator's HN, using this light weight and unobtrusive add-on.

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Detik Langsung

Langsung ke beritanya aja! Extensi ini memastikan semua link berita di detik.com menuju ke isinya, tanpa melalui halaman kanal/portal yang membingungkan. Tersedia juga untuk Opera 11 dan Google Chrome, klik homepage untuk melihatnya.

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Úverový asistent od Tatra banky

Úverový asistentTB vám prezradí vašu mesačnú splátku v Tatra banke priamo pri prezeraní akéhokoľvek webu. Prejdite myšou na cenu, ktorá vás zaujíma a ukáže sa vám suma mesačnej splátky. Kliknite na popisok a prispôsobte si úver vašim potrebám.

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rsstodolist No Restart

That add-on allows you to send URLs to a RSS feed, hosted on https://rsstodolist.appspot.com/ or at your place.

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133 users

My Bookmarks

Submit to bookmarking.net.in easily with a right mouse click.

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Displays the current IP address in the status bar and records the value to a file.

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Market Redirector

Market Redirector let you an ability to open android market: links in a favorite online service.

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ualoo Image Uploader

This plugin allows you to host and share any JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF image by simply right clicking on the image. ualoo™ is Co-Engineered by: LimePic and Hix International

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WhoisDomain -All In One Site Lookup

Whoisdomain.net site lookup-SEO (domain lookup-whois,alexa rank,server ip,pagerank,Google index etc.(what needs a webmaster) ) button (Buttons are on statusbar-addressbar and search results).

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Obtains bell ringing performance details from Campanophile (www.campanophile.co.uk) and exports them in CSV, XML or JSON format.

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Habrahabr layout fix

Habrahabr layout fix

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Popular Search

This add-on helps you search Google, Amazon, Bing, Ebay and Yahoo much easier.
You simple type the name of these 5 search engines, and keywords are filled for you automatically: from search box, highlighted text or keywords you used lately.

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72 users

Banner Colours Changer

You can change banner colour on top menu bar Facebook.

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JS Deminifier No Restart

Simple JavaScript deminifier

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102 users


doing some funny stuff for Hattrick users

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682 users

Sticky Fields

Makes form elements automatically populate with a "remembered" value.

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