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Addon Manager with Profiling

Manage your addons on multiple profiles from a toolbar panel

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Korrigiert ärgerliche und den Lesefluß hemmende Schreibweisen auf Webseiten. Kann auch auf die in der Schweiz übliche Schreibung angepaßt werden.

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Free Utility Helper

Override the new tab page with Free Utility Helper

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Screen-sharing extension for Certintell

This addon will enable to Tokbox screen sharing compatibility for the firefox users.

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Crumby Plex to VLC

A simple addon that opens plex media onto VLC (VLC must be installed first) For people on linux systems, please change your settings in the extensions settings area.

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Ne rater plus aucun de mes lives !

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BlueGolf Kiosk

Add-on for BlueGolf.

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uMeet Desktop Sharing: enables screen sharing for the uMeet application.

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Shopsta Requires Restart

Find important shopping information to popular online retailers and service providers with just one click!

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Mit dieser Erweiterung kannst du Inhalte auf SkyGo als Vollbild schauen und nebenbei weiter arbeiten, surfen oder was auch immer du machen möchtest.

Addon to help you to look videos on SkyGo with better fullscreen mode than native.

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Scratch Messaging Extension

Scratch Messaging Extension for easy reading and replying to your messages on https://scratch.mit.edu - Close any open scratch tabs before using for the first time or after an update to ensure it works first time :)

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Using hotkey to fill and open. You can also use "AUTO" keyword in hotkey field, but then you have to add a url filter to fill form or open site automatically.

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Install Token Module

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Foot streaming

Cet addon Mozilla fournit la liste des matches de foot du jour et les informations présentant leur diffusion TV. Qu'il s'agisse de Ligue 1, de Ligue des Champion, nombreux sont les internautes à suivre les matches en foot streaming.

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Okezone Addon

For auto open okezone.com add-on

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PartFinder cookie handler

Allows to set cookies for autologin to sites

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Velantro Click Requires Restart

Velantro Click for Velantro PBX

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Udostepnianie ekranu (E-Konsultacje)

Rozszerzenie pozwala na udostepnianie ekranu w przegladarce Firefox na potrzeby aplikacji E-Konsultacje

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KatCart - все магазины в одной корзине!

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