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InstaWrap by Wrap'm - Beta

Single click to shorten & share the link of the current tab - Wrap'm

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Redective - The Reddit Search Detective Requires Restart

Quickly search for information about Reddit users.

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26 users

RakeBack Save Money Requires Restart

Saves your money

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IX Email List Requires Restart

Captura la lista de mails de IX Web Hosting, el consumo y sus cuotas.
Antes de ejecutarlo debes haber hecho login en IX.

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Add items to your Chivalo wishlist

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JoplinGlobe De-Paywall Requires Restart

Removes the Paywall from the Joplin Globes website

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Bing Tags

Firefox extension for Bing Tags. Save sites for later, access them from anywhere and share your findings with others. Built with the Add-on Builder tool.

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Hide Plugin Notifications

Hides the hidden-plugin information bar in Firefox.

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InstaWrap - Shorten and Share

InstaWrap (Powered by Wra'm) allows the user to shorten & share the link of the current tab with just a single click.

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iOS Docs

Create links for classes and protocols references in iOS documentation pages

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Discountissime Requires Restart

Grâce au plugin Discountissime, vous pouvez avoir accès à l’ensemble des offres de réductions, promos, coupons et cashback proposés par plus de 900 boutique en ligne comme la Redoute, Pixmania, Rue du commerce ou encore la FNAC.

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XHProf helper for Firefox

Easy profiling for XHProf

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Sanook Extension

The official Sanook.com extension provides the fastest and latest news update.

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“驼峰悦读”依托于“驼峰摘要”领先的中文摘要技术,详细了解“驼峰摘要”请访问 http://zhaiyao.tuofeng.cn
插件的使用: 在阅读新闻资讯的正文页时,点击“驼峰悦读”按钮,即可去除所有干扰,得到正文及摘要。
摘要结果: 两种显示方式: 一种是只显示摘要,另一种是显示全文并将摘要内容加粗显示,可根据个人习惯选择。

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Hide in Plain Sight

Encrypts text into human-looking text using steganography

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Amazon Link Shortener

Browser extension that shortens protuct links at Amazon using amzn.com.

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17 users

HTML Color Coder Requires Restart

This extension gives HTML color code value for selected color.

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244 users

Gutscheinraupe.de - Gutscheinfinder

Mit dem Gutscheinfinder von Gutscheinraupe.de verpassen Sie keinen Gutschein mehr. Beim Aufruf eines Shops zu dem bereits ein Gutschein oder eine Aktion in unserer Datenbank vorhanden ist, erhalten Sie eine Benachrichtigung im Browser.

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www.go Requires Restart

Have you ever wondered where clicking on random links would take you? www.go takes you on a random trip through the web, clicking on links every seven seconds and taking you to a new place.

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18 users