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Comment Collapser No Restart

Collapse (hide) facebook comments containing tagged people.

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28 users

BCP No Restart


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Grab page No Restart

generate summary from a web page and save to your knowledge base in www.ibrainext.com

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34 users

DocentEDU No Restart

Layer learning on content

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20 users

微信弹幕 No Restart


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904 users

Copy Current Page URL with Anchor No Restart

Firefox extension that allows to right click an element and copy the page URL with the element's ID appended as an anchor. Useful if you want to keep a link to specific section of a webpage.

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26 users

v2ex看帖助手 No Restart


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52 users

Google AdSense Earnings No Restart

Display your Google AdSense earnings in the toolbar

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6 users

iinview-qa No Restart

Track on iinView

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4 users

PureCloud Screen Sharing Helper No Restart

Helper utility for enabling screen sharing in PureCloud

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99 users

Livestreamer Launcher No Restart

Launches livestreamer via context menu.

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97 users

CoreNotify No Restart

This extensions checks for notifications in CORE smartwork.

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3 users

Tab Store No Restart

An extension that stores tabs temporarily and within window groups

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5 users

Save text to files

Select a text on a web page and save it to a file with just a single click!

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83 users

Get Image From Facebook No Restart

A basic add-on to see image from a specific Facebook account.

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204 users

Tinfoil No Restart

Improves privacy by automatically setting some hidden preferences only available through about:config. Use the 'Full Tinfoil' button in the addon preferences to make some more changes that are also available through Firefox's normal user interface.

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286 users


Brzi pristup hisi.hr mreži

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Double Click Top-Left to Close No Restart

Double click top-left corner to close window.

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34 users

Friends and Followers Tracker No Restart

Addon to track your newly added and removed friends and followers in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks

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84 users

MioBot - Price Tracking and Sales Alerts No Restart

Add products to MioBot to monitor its price. It is really easy!
1) At first, find a nice product.
2) Add product to MioBot by clicking MioBot icon in your browser.
3) That's it! MioBot will check the website for price changes! (*)

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30 users