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MrErilio Requires Restart

Soyez au courant des que MrErilio stream

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Feed Fox Requires Restart

A better reader for all your news feeds

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Reddit Inbox Revamp

Reddit Inbox Revamp for Firefox. An extension that makes your reddit PM inbox, much; much better.

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Whitepages Pro Deep Link for Subuno

Creates a deep link to Whitepages Pro Identity Check within the Subuno transaction review page

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PicSide smart and social photo

Picside allows you to discover the Other Side of the Pictures!
Install PicSide plug-in to flip all the pictures and discover the content on their Other Side (stories with pictures, videos, music, links and text, comments, EXIF and geolocation datas)

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Bid-Ninja for QuiBids, MadBid, DealDash - Win More

Bid-Ninja is a browser plugin that allows it's users to slice through their auction competition on Quibids, MadBid, DealDash & Beezid! See every competing players total bids used, voucher bids used, net gain/loss and more, and it's free to use

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Add page address to tab tooltip

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Bookmark Flypaper

Flypaper consists of strings or regular expressions to which matching pages stick in the form of bookmarks.

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This browser extension adds a get request to the current url and reloads the page. What? On clicking on the extensions button this extension will add whatever you provided in the extensions settings. The default value is: xmlonly=true

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A View From My Seat for StubHub

This Add-on will automatically add a photo section to StubHub's ticket page so you can see the view before purchasing tickets. All photos are shared from fans who have been there, and usually include a seat rating and comments.

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Add link to linex

A basic addon for adding link to linex.ir

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Pic Zoom Requires Restart

Zoom in and out of any image on a page

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PeopleMovers.com is the place for people and organizations to build strong communities and a better world. You can share ideas, needs, news, events and more on interactive bulletin boards for your community or organization.

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Screen-sharing extension for mobilenerd.net

MobileNerd Classroom Screen Share Feature. An extension that allows you to share your screen.

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AllStrategy - SnapShot

Gera um snapshot da página atual

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Office 365 Mail Notifier Requires Restart

This extension notifies you when new messages arrive in your Office 365 mailbox.

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Widget for adding the current browser address to the Mac Pins Bookmark Manager

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Quizlet Helper

Helps to work with Quizlet service.

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