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中国数字时代 Firefox Addon

Launching the Chinese section of China Digital Times with one click using Firefox Addon.

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Text Obfuscator

Replaces each character of the given text, if possible, with another character that looks similar.

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A widget to change firefox font display size to match system DPI. This extension is ideal for small monitor with very high resolution.
[New UI for FF 29 onward]

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Sugar Proxy Requires Restart

Sugar Proxy !

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Using b2bwiki is able to help the non-profit organization wikipedia.org save bandwidth and server cost.

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DataPower Latency Log Visualization

Analyze IBM DataPower appliance latency log entries.

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MafiaWars Quick Trigger

The official Firefox add-on for quick access, notifications and event info for Mafia Wars.

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Cora Report

CORA's mission is to expose toxic web content parading under the banner of "news." With input from our viewers, we'll highlight the most inspiring, and the most outrageous—the green and the red—in online reporting.
Join the fight! Download our App!

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CouponMate: Coupon Codes & Deals

Searches for the latest coupon codes and deals at over 100,000 stores online.

Get the latest coupons delivered automagically to your browser with CouponMate. CouponMate features coupons from over 100,000 stores, updated daily.

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Cyber to Magic Requires Restart

Replaces the text 'Cyber' with 'Magic'.

Magic-security, magic-attacks, magic-criminals, magic-defense, and so on

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Browse facebook worryfree. All interaction elements (liking, commenting, sharing) are hidden to prevent accidentally clicking them!

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Some Fear Mongering Shithead Requires Restart

Replaces the text 'Stephen Harper' with 'Some Fear Mongering Shithead'. A Fork of Some Rich Asshole. Parody.

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ConnectUs WebRTC Screen Capture

This extension allows WebRTC connections to use the screen as a video source.

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Благодаря расширению EverPlay, Вы сможете комфортно и без ограничений пользоваться заблокированными игровыми сайтами.

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vanhelssingborg Requires Restart


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GTG Task Button Requires Restart

Easily transform a page or an e-mail into a GTG task with a single click.

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Save an article to my hive

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Расширение позволит вам проверить изображение с веб-страницы на уникальном приборе боянометре

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MrElvilia - AlerteLive

Soyez au courant quand votre streameur préféré commence à streamer!

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Screen-sharing extension for speedfaces.com

This extension allows you to share your screen on speedfaces.com

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