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Tag moments, objects or people worth sharing from any YouTube video and share them on Facebook, Twitter or by Facebook message.

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Get all Cookies in XML Requires Restart

Save all cookies in cookie.xml file under profile directory

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Muzi.ch sharing Tool Requires Restart

Cet addon vous permet de partager en quelques clics des adresse HTTP sur muzi.ch.

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Field Service Management - completely free! Ties into existing Google account and Gmail. Use Geolocation to track and guide employees, get status updates and accept payments. Explanation video at http://vimeo.com/67576512 .

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Phlo Assistant

Phlo Assistant is the easiest way to add sites & search engines to Phlo.

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DOBBS: DERI Online Browsing Behavior Study Requires Restart

DOBBS aims to get a deeper understanding how users browse the Web. The add-on that keeps track of users’ browsing behavior. DOBBS addresses privacy concerns: no personal data are collected: all sensitive data are encrypted. (http://dobbs.deri.ie/)

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ExtractImages Requires Restart

output the list of image file names and path in the web page where you are.

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Dailymotion Publish it!

Once installed into your browser, the "Publish it!" extension will help you find and share any video from Dailymotion.com or other video platforms.

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Bypass Russian internet censorship.

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Urbandictionary search

Quickly search definitions and usages of words on Urban dictionary.

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Enables preferred supplier usage with discounts and data transfer for reporting and traveler safety.

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boldchat facebook

tool helps you make some artful texting,
yout text is going to get so-o-o-o large ;)

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Compute a different password for each website using the seed given by the user.

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Host Pic.Org

This addon enhances image uploading, hosting & sharing interface provided by www.hostpic.org. Irrespective of signed up as a member or not, you can use all features of this addon. Check more detailed description & screenshots of this addon below

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Kupony, kody rabatowe i promocje - Dla studenta Requires Restart

Nie przegap już nigdy żadnej okazji! Bezpłatna wyszukiwarka ze strony kupony.dlastudenta.pl będzie Cię na bieżąco informowała, czy w twoich ulubionych sklepach znajdują się kody rabatowe, zniżki i promocje.

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Catolicos Online

Artigos, videos, biblia e catecismo catolico para pesquisa online.

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Biblia Catolica

Bíblia Católica online completa CNBB e Ave Maria com pesquisa.

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AdvancedClose Requires Restart

Close FF with all own windows, restart FF, close all FF windows except current, close all FF instances

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URL Shortner clck.pw Requires Restart

Site on shortening yours of links. From link length make the short.

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NoWay Requires Restart

Turn on / off Flash, Silverlight, Java, Js, Css, Images, Cookies and Animations.
Allows rejects some urls by regular expression.

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