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px-to-em-converter No Restart

Online/Offline calculator for your custom EM needs.

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Rad Notepad Yahoo Notepad Exporter No Restart

Rad Notepad Yahoo Notepad Exporter lets you download the full contents of your Yahoo Notepad folders for offline use / backup.

Quickly grab a .zip file containing all your Yahoo Notepad notes with this easy to use extension.

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35 users

夢幻喊價即時記錄附加元件 - Firefox No Restart

夢幻喊價即時記錄系統(http://fauction.ayukawayen.net/ )瀏覽器附加元件,在Yahoo! FB頁面上顯示合約狀況。

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2 users

Smiley Pack for DesiDime No Restart

A pack of lovely smileys to bring your emotions alive on Desidime.

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263 users

Selenium IDE: Gosub Control

A gosub control plugin for Selenium-IDE
A BASIC-like command is added - gosub, sub, endsub, return

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28 users

Geek To Asshole

Replaces the terms "geek" and "gamer" with "asshole". Based on Hank's Cloud to Butt Plus Chrome extension and Chris Wright's Firefox version of Cloud to Butt.

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2 users

Kurdistan Toolbar (ostan-kd.ir)

تولبار اختصاصی استانداری کردستان

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1 user

Open Serial Tabs

Create Serial Tabs with Load-Ahead Preparation from Bookmarks for Instant Viewing

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45 users

X-Vandal No Restart

Mod para la web de Vandal

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41 users

Работа с модулями BQT

Это расширение позволяет производить ряд действий с модулями программы "Цитата из Библии". После установки выберите необходимый инструмент из меню Инструменты - Работа с модулями BQT. Зависимости: "Стихи Библии" (более подробную информацию см. ниже).

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4 users

Cookie Notification Preventer

Simple extension for preventing web site's cookies notifications.

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159 users

Bitbucket Issues convenience No Restart

Adding a bit of convenience to Bitbucket Issues.

Unofficial add-on. Not affiliated with Bitbucket or Atlassian.

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25 users

Muddleme Lite Extension No Restart

The Muddleme application allows users to search, get noticed, view offers, click-to-call local merchants and receive real-time redeemable coupons, all while getting paid cash for their actions and behavior.

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1 user

Change Profile's Window Icons

Changes the icon used for the profile's Firefox windows to any user specified icon file(s). This add-on can be used to visually differentiate profiles. Different icons can be assigned to each kind of window Firefox uses.

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345 users

Ansi and Ascii Artists Handle Database No Restart

Displays the handle of Ansi and Ascii artists on Facebook.

The handle will appear after the individuals name, in brackets.

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28 users

Webmention No Restart

Send webmention though context menu.

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2 users

Forumite's Friend No Restart

Improvements for the Frontier Forums

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7 users

Search Krumo for Drupal No Restart

Search Krumo Drupal module in Firefox add-on.

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51 users

Frontier forums moderation tools No Restart

Add moderator tools to the Frontier Forums

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6 users

Wizpert Chat Notifications No Restart

Wizpert is the everyday advice platform that instantly connects you with an expert for a 1-on-1 chat on any topic.

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71 users