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Soutez Pexeso

Hack pro FB soutez Pexeso (https://apps.facebook.com/soutezpexeso/)

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AVAfp 1.1

Este complemento nos permite ingresar al Ambiente Virtual de Aprendizaje de las Fuerza Pública.

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ECA Reloader Requires Restart

Extension opens www.eca.org.pl, it is desing for members of ECA.

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QR Secret Decoder Ring

Right click an image (including a background image), SVG element, or canvas containing a QR code to decode.

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Page Portal

Open any link in a panel, this makes the page more temporary than a tab. Open a link in a portal do something fast, get some information, then trash it and go back to business.

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Some extra style-ing for www.trafictube.ro

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GIHFilter Requires Restart

GIH Plug-in Amacı; Çocuk ve Ailelerin Daha Güvenli Ve Daha Temiz Aramalar Yaparak, Uygunsuz Ve Bahis İçerikli Sitelerden Korunmanızı Sağlar

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Facebook LinkStats

Q: Is the number of Facebook Like Button all about "LIKE"?
A: NO!

The Add-on can show the detail of Facebook Like count (ex. Like count, comment count and share count).

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tinyurl to clipboard

Shortens the currently open link using tinyurl, and copies the result to the clipboard for instant pasting.

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IPv4 to IPv6 Converter

Convert Internet Protocol v4 (IPv4) address to Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) address using different methods.

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ADF Refresh Requires Restart

Refresh any ADF page removing all its parameters.

Caution: The logic just removes all the query parameters and refreshes the page. Be cautious on pages other than ADF.

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Pass a link to mobile device.

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Outlook Web App: Show Unread Count in Tab Requires Restart

This will check for unread messages when using the Outlook Web App and put the unread count in the Outlook Web App tab. Pretty simple javascript app wrapped in a Firefox Extension.

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MP3Skull.co Toolbar

Search music and mp3 easily without visiting mp3skull.co search. Search result page will open result page from mp3skull.co and will be opened in new tab. Download mp3 easily with single click from search result page.

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Eiga.com Check-in Alert Notifier Requires Restart

Display update notifications of movies, people, and directors you have checked in.

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EFTpass is a payment technology that allows customers to shop online with NO CREDIT CARD.
EFTpass facilitates a real time payment between the merchant and the customer utilising your normal bank account.

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Zona-Centro Add-on

This is an Add-on for the Portuguese Gaming Community "Zona-Centro".

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An add-on to share data between kanbanery and bugzilla.

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SeLite Settings Requires Restart

It provides template-based visual interface and API to Firefox preferences. It allows preferences to be organised in sets and have single-valued and multi- valued free-type or choice fields.

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Anti-Porn Warning

Displays a warning against porn on opening private tabs and windows.

Aimed at helping porn-addicts give up porn thanks to their will and a reminder a common point of temptation inside their browser.

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