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gTimer Requires Restart

gTimer предназначен для подсчёта времени, проводимого за работой в Firefox.

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Wyświetlenia powiadomienia z serwisu Strims.pl

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About Home Themer

Enables theming of the About:Home page by providing a simple redirect

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398 users

News - notify

Gives Global News updates and notifications

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Deal Hunter Requires Restart

This tool makes your deal hunting easier. With just one click, you can search most popular shopping web sites simultaneously. Search results from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. are presented in different tabs for easier comparison.

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Replaces t.co links in Tweetdeck and Twitter by their original value.

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nutty.io extension to assist copy/paste from terminal to clipboard

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Nylease Requires Restart

Search Engine For Nylease

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Zaqwes Working Day

the simplest task organizer!!!

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AIA Link

Check online status of AIA Open-Ended Mutual Funds

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Have you ever been personally embarrassed because your friends or housemates found out something about your browsing history? Blushproof can help! Blushproof helps you remember to enter Private Browsing Mode, and also to clear your history.

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Q.Wiki interface to MS Office

This add-on extends Firefox with the ability to directly open, edit and save Microsoft Office documents from within your Q.Wiki.

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Tab Stats

Provide some data about open tabs.

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161 users

Quick switch button

Button which allows to mark the tab as "safe" one and to return to this tab from any other tab when you press "Ctrl + Space" keys.

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MartialArtSupplies Requires Restart

Search Engine For MartialArtSupplies

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Checks browser and plugin vulnerabilities. Click the extension icon to get protection recommendations.

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Save the Children Requires Restart

Save the Children - ONG de defensa y promocion de los derechos de la infancia.

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FoxyCrypt Requires Restart

A partial implementation of the WebCrypto API using NSS.
Demo code available at `github.com/polycrypt/foxycrypt`.

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IMDB Autofocus On Searchform

This add-on sets autofocus on IMDB:s search field by default.

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