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Fcup-Pur Requires Restart

Das Fcup-Pur Addon legt alle spielbaren Fussballcup Länder in die Addon-Bar des Browsers und macht sie von dort aus mit nur einem Klick erreichbar.

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Fcup-Pur Deutschland-Edition Requires Restart

Das Fcup-Pur Deutschland-Edition Addon legt Fussballcup.de in die Addon-Bar des Browsers und macht es von dort aus mit nur einem Klick erreichbar.

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Fetion in Firefox Requires Restart

send SMS to your friends in Firefox through Fetion. 在Firefox中直接给好友或自己发短信.

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Fierita Links Requires Restart

Addon para enviar enlaces al sitio de Fierita Links

Provee un botón en la barra de extensiones y un item en el menú contextual.

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FilterBypasser Add-on By BKC Requires Restart

A simple add-on that removes the annoying overlay on filterbypasser.com.

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23 users

Find At AppShopper Requires Restart

This Add-on simply add an "Find At AppShopper" button at any iTunes App Store App page.

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17 users

FIOwormix Requires Restart


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fireburst (1) Requires Restart

This add on provides easy access to Fireburst Search, however, it does not give you Fireburst For Default, which will come later. Because of this, it does not add to your search engine list.

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FireDroid Requires Restart

This addon helps you with your search for android apps in the android market / play store.

It generates a QR code which is shown on the play store website and can be scanned with your smartphone so you can easily download the app to your device.

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13 users

FirePreview Requires Restart

Shows a small window with the preview of the link's website when you move your mouse over a link and press CTRL.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (7)
234 users

FireReads Requires Restart

Sends selected text to search on Goodreads from context menu.

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68 users

Folol Reporter ( Egyptian Revolution ) Requires Restart

هذه الأضاف للتمكين من المشاركة بشكل فعال في الجيش الرقمي الثوري المصري

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Foodlve Daily Diabetes Diet Requires Restart

Foodlve provides a new free service "Daily Diabetes Diet "
You can track your food daily

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Foodlve.com Requires Restart

Access to all food articles, tips, facts, recipes, calorie calculator, diet tips and more

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3 users

Footnotify Requires Restart

Footnotify is a Browser Extension to display footnotes as a pop-over. All that without upsetting your point of reference.

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21 users

FreeDictionaryPopPanel Requires Restart

When you select a word on a webpage, right click it and select "FreeDictionaryLookup" it will pop up a panel with the definition for you. Ctrl-1 and CMD-1 can be used as well after selecting the word. Click outside of panel to dismiss.

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50 users

Freemote v6 Requires Restart

Freemote telecommande pour Freebox 6.

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151 users

Frelic Helper Requires Restart

Frelic Helper helps you to grab backlinks simply by websurfing. No more copy and paste, just a click.

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Fresh CSS Requires Restart

Reload all stylesheets in a page using a customizable hotkey or button.

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82 users

Fronter Auto Login Requires Restart

Gemmer din kode på fronter så du ikke skal skrive din kode hver gang du skal logge ind. Husk at trykke gem adgangskode når din browser spørger dig om det.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars (1)
4 users