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LiveClientFF is a Firefox extension front end for Crafty Syntax Live Help. Similar to LiveClient2 or LC2.

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Clean Tweets

Clean Tweets eliminates spam when using Twitter Search. No more Tweets sending you to malware or porn sites, no more Tweets spamming trends. Clean Tweets completely removes such tweets from ever showing up on your screen.

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hacking ys168 for operating in firefox 3+

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Exchange BNR

Exchange Currency BNR

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Checks Hadith (words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad PBUH), to see if it's true or not.

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Browse Periodically

Browses sites you want to check periodically (e.g. web mail, forecast, SNS, RSS reader) every hour, day, week and so on. You can also use for reminding pages by browsing every month.

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Go To Bing

Displays Bing's icon on Firefox's status bar; when you click it will load Bing.com homepage in a new tab.

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Image Mikirenaizer

The intelligent PageUp/Down, displays an image, movie, and flash entirely.

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Adds 'Hoop it' to the right-click menu. When selected, the current page will be included in your hoop (RSS feed). Share the same hoop with friends (or strangers) and share links and comments.

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DiCE Translator

Translate back and forth between English/Chinese with minimal effort.
Automatically guesses the most appropriate meaning within context.
Automatically separates block of Chinese text into meaningful phrases.
Pronunciation and pinyin included.

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Orkut Linkifier

Converts links into genuine ones on orkut, making navigation easier.

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TwitrPix Express for Firefox

Instantly share any photo from any web site on Twitter by right-clicking on the photo and clicking "Share photo on Twitter using TwitrPix" -- while you surf and without having to leave the site you are on.

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Font Magnifier

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Save Money on eBay

Save money on eBay by searching for great deals and bargains online with our toolbar!

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NHL's Atlanta Thrashers - Official Theme

NHL Atlanta Thrashers - Official Theme includes: links to the Thrasher's site, news and a sidebar with video, blogs & more! Note: Bing Search will be set as the default search engine. You can always change your search provider, if needed.

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Independence Day - Holiday Theme and Extension

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the Independence Day Theme and Extension includes links to cool planning sites and an expandable sidebar w/ news, exclusive content and video.

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butsa.ru players training

Расчет мастерства и опыта игроков для ФМ "Золотая Бутса" (butsa.ru)

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Virtual Keyboard

The Virtual Keyboard is a keyboard for the kiosk browser.
Support English, German and Russian layout.
Support IME Simple Chinese.
Addition is full compatible with R-kiosk.

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IMDb + Clipland

Integrates Clipland's short form expertise into IMDb videographies.

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