Up & Coming Extensions


stratego remain visible No Restart

Mark the screen by writing letters or numbers at your cursor position. Tested and working on stratego.com

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10 users

Dream It No Restart

Paste Images To DreamStream

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26 users

Techmeme Less No Restart

Allows 'More' and 'Tweets' information within Techmeme pages to be hidden and optionally viewed

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1 user

Single Key Back & Forward No Restart

Add simple shortcuts 'x' and 'z' to go previous and next page in history like Opera

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53 users

FoxyTab No Restart

Collection of Tab Related Actions e.g. Copy Urls All/Left/Right, Close Left, Duplicate Tab, Copy Title, Close Host tabs, Keep host tabs,

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637 users

QR code generator Lite No Restart

Creates a QR code of the
1. Url in the current active tab.
2. Content you have copied
Please refrain from generating a qrcode from sensitive data like passwords etc..

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15 users

SecureLink Extension No Restart

This extension works with SecureLink Web Application to perform SSO.

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6 users

Pasa password generator No Restart

Adds a toolbar button to generate secure passwords. Users are encouraged to save generated passwords in Firefox and back them up with Firefox Sync.

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55 users

SeLite Run All Favorites

It runs all test suites marked as favorites in add-on "Favorites (Selenium IDE)". It keeps a list of their locations relative to user's home folder. It exports/imports the list formatted for easy editing and managing in SVN or GIT.

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128 users

Kill Infinite Scroll No Restart

This disables various infinite scroll scripts such as those from http://www.infinite-scroll.com used by Tumblr and others.

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337 users

Chili Safe Surf

Chili Safe Surf is the best way to a completely secure Web browsing experience.
It is a free cross-browser add-on that intercepts, processes, and filters all Web traffic, blocking any malicious content
and taking browser security to new levels.

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81 users

Reload PAC button No Restart

A button to reload the PAC definitions

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121 users

px-to-em-converter No Restart

Online/Offline calculator for your custom EM needs.

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74 users

Rad Notepad Yahoo Notepad Exporter No Restart

Rad Notepad Yahoo Notepad Exporter lets you download the full contents of your Yahoo Notepad folders for offline use / backup.

Quickly grab a .zip file containing all your Yahoo Notepad notes with this easy to use extension.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (3)
49 users

夢幻喊價即時記錄附加元件 - Firefox No Restart

夢幻喊價即時記錄系統(http://fauction.ayukawayen.net/ )瀏覽器附加元件,在Yahoo! FB頁面上顯示合約狀況。

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5 users

Smiley Pack for DesiDime No Restart

A pack of lovely smileys to bring your emotions alive on Desidime.

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237 users

Selenium IDE: Gosub Control

A gosub control plugin for Selenium-IDE
A BASIC-like command is added - gosub, sub, endsub, return

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37 users

Geek To Asshole

Replaces the terms "geek" and "gamer" with "asshole". Based on Hank's Cloud to Butt Plus Chrome extension and Chris Wright's Firefox version of Cloud to Butt.

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1 user

Kurdistan Toolbar (ostan-kd.ir)

تولبار اختصاصی استانداری کردستان

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1 user

Open Serial Tabs

Create Serial Tabs with Load-Ahead Preparation from Bookmarks for Instant Viewing
(See addon "Open Auto Bookmarks" for added capabilites and support)

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53 users