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WOT Play Replay

Данное приложение расширяет возможности сайта wotreplays.ru

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Devmo Modifications No Restart

Fix devmo annoyances. Currently just moves the edit summary box to the top of the page, near the save button.

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楽天 Checkbox OFF No Restart


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Picmasa Uploader

Upload your images/photos to our free image hosting servers and share them with your friends, family,and collegues, with a simple right button mouse click.

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Our NPIC for Firefox No Restart

Our NPIC 國立屏東商業技術學院校園資訊非官方聚合平台 [Firefox插件]

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Gamestar GCS No Restart

A game creation system written in Javascript.

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Une extension Firefox pour le jeu en ligne BloodWars

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Raskladki.net.ru 1.0 No Restart

Смена раскладки текста

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Отмечайте Ваши любимые сериалы - быстро и удобно!
Check your favorite TV shows - fast and convenient!

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MRU Tabs No Restart

Alters the Ctrl+Tab hotkeys so that they cycle through all tabs in the order of their activation recency, much like the Alt+Tab hotkey does on the operating system level. When the active tab is closed, the most-recently active tab is selected.

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Vai fonts package No Restart

Vai fallback fonts for Firefox for Android.

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SeLite Bootstrap

It allows smoother development of Selenium Core extensions. It reloads them automatically on change.

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Guppit - Discover | Share | Earn

This extension helps the user to convert any URL to his own Guppit URL and share it on various social networking and bookmarking platforms in just one click, thereby saving his efforts in going to Guppit.com to do so.

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Tifinagh font package No Restart

Tifinagh fallback font for Firefox for Android.

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Partmo No Restart

Buscar filtros para vehiculos

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Diction shows meanings
Select the word,Right click,click on 'Show meaning for :word:'
Thats it!
Diction! -powered by Wordnik.(wordnik.com)
A big thanks to ideahobi.com for the icon!

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Seoptimer.com - SEO Audit No Restart

Seoptimer.com is an on-line tool for on page SEO analysis.

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Fly Photo Editor for Facebook No Restart

Instantly add filters, remove blemishes, add frames and much more with a powerful yet easy to use photo editor right in your browser

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