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Addon allows to call ping, putty and search on Yandex.Maps (for hosts from Nagios) commands from the context menu of Firefox and hotkeys. It also adds toolbar, thats allows you to search via the Nagios.

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Integrate your BlogHer life with your browser.

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Surfmark - screenshot webpage capture & annotate

Take full screenshots of web pages and directly add your notes and highlights to them. Save pages continuously and automatically organize them around topics including travel plans, job searches, DIY projects and academic research. Full text search.

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Zone-X.Ru Toolbar

Toolbar for Zone-X.Ru book store.

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AdFrame – is a tool for Advertising people that contains different links to professional resources, news and events feeds from Ad industry, and also convenient Ad search panel.

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Compare Movie Ratings. IMDB, RottenTomatoes, MetaCritic and MovieWeb.com

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Team Portal Desktop Client helper app

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Firesay enables you to surf the web using voice commands.

Say your search queries instead of typing them.
Say which sites you want to visit instead of typing URL addresses
Say "Firesay, share on Facebook" to share any page on Facebook
and more...

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Phone Number Lookup

Automatically highlights North American telephone numbers on websites, showing the location (city and state) when you hover over the phone number, based on the area code and exchange.

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Grepolis Toolbar

Toolbar that aids in the administration of yours empire. Have a faster view of your reports,city buildings, your message box and alliance.

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Restore Toolbar Control (Pill) Button

Restore the Toolbar Control ("Pill") button missing on Firefox 4.0b2+

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my realm

change filtering page to what you like

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Tools > Options… for Linux No Restart

Moves Edit > Preferences to Tools > Options…

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Googled information collection.
Helps you access/save/delete search engines or bookmarks inside webpage area.
Mousedrag or doubleclick on webpage will activate this extension.
Mouseout or rightclick on this extension will deactivate it.

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Cat Attack Quick Button

Easily visit the site for The Cat Attack Fishing Tournament.

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Context Menu History

When right-clicking on a page, a new menu item appears which shows the history for the current tab.

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Unread Gmail Favicon No Restart

Display the number of unread messages over a Gmail tab's favicon

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Threaddit (thread tool for reddit.com)

* Click or use scroll wheel to bypass threads.
* SHIFT + SCROLL WHEEL to scroll a whole screen of comments.
* Auto-loads next set of comments at the end of the page.
* Highlights comments made by OP.
* Adds borders and alternates baggrounds.

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WDP Tool

A tool for usability inspections, based on the WDP technique (http://goo.gl/VPthb).
Unzip this file (http://goo.gl/jahlK) at Mozilla Firefox installation folder (usually C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox) for full functionality.

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Make Bookmark

Copy details of a link (name, URL, selected text) to make a bookmark string.

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