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NewTab to Google Tasks

Display Google Tasks in blank page.

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Nicovideo Comment Helper

Toolbar to help you enter style command for comments on Global site of Nico Nico Douga. Japanese site is not supported.

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Remove 'recommended' videos (recommended by youtube based on previous videos you've viewed) from your youtube homepage. http://geoffritchey.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/javascript-code-to-delete-youtubes-recommended/

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No dots

Aims to remove the dotted border that Firefox adds to certain elements.

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Quer bloquear textos que postam relacionados ao Big Brother? O addon NoBBB bloqueia e permite que voce veja se quiser!

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noordubleclick v1.0

Repeat the same grade for all students in the system of Noor programming by:MAJED SALEM AL TOUM
تكرار الدرجة للطلاب في نظام الرصد المركزي نور

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O que e isto?

Add-on especializado em buscar informacoes no Wikipdia sobre o que voce gostaria de saber sobre o texto selecionado.

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Off-campus proxy (MUN)

Get pages using Memorial University library's off campus proxy. This add-on is of interest only to patrons of Memorial University libraries.

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Old Google Image Search

Redirects you to Google image search classic, when you perform a Google image search.

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Removes the River Plate Team Logo from Ole.com.ar

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One Click Proxy

One Click Proxy is the fastest and easiest way to use open proxies from OneClickProxy.org !
Only ONE click is needed to set up the proxy in your browser !
Enjoy !
Youtube Demo

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let you do Whatsapp using your Notebook keyboard.

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open tab count widget

Displays the total number of open tabs (in all windows & tabgroups) in the addon-bar. Can be moved to any toolbar. Very bare-bones, no preferences.

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Otrs helper

OTRS helper by Jul (dev 5)
Дополнение слежения и упрощения работы с ОТРС

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Pageshots for yandex

Show thumbnails of websites in yandex search results.

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Pagina de Jesus Hernandez para Firefox

Pagina de Jesus Hernandez para Firefox, ahora no es necesario recordar ningún link. Un verdadero componente para Mozilla Firefox, la mejor web ahora en tu navegador Mozilla Firefox.

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Paint dirt black

Removes offensive language throughout the web, making the WWW a better place.

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Verileri görmek için ücretsiz üyelik gerektiren, özellikle form sitelerine üye olmadan girmenizi sağlar.

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Pass2Phone For FF

Message from the web to your smartphone.

following steps.

1.Install android app.
2.Connect to site or use chrome extension.
3.Send message or file.
4.Automatically text copied to clipboard in your smartphone.

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