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Fantastic Bar

A Fantastic URL Bar. Shows a panel to make suggestions for your url bar input.

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Онлайн радио

Радио - онлайн с лучшими радиостанциями России и мира. Слушайте радио прямо в вашем любимом браузере.

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CallBridge Мегаплан Requires Restart

Позволяет звонить прямо из CRM "Мегаплан" через софтфон X-lite посредством ClickToCall.

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ExtractImages Requires Restart

output the list of image file names and path in the web page where you are.

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86 users

Pop Block

Highlight stuff you don’t want to miss. Block ██████ you don’t want to see.

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372 users


buzzerbeaterdb can help users of the game BuzzerBeater to prepare their matches better by revealing players statistics of their opponents!

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KnackQuiz lets you create your own online exam/quiz management website. You can let your users/students/employees attend the quizzes/exams. You could view results in multiple format like graphical, indiviudal result(s), top results and so on.

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Gmail No Logout

This addon hide the logout button on the Gmail page. If other people come on your computer, they can't disconnect you.

Disable the addon if you want disconnect you account.

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Sync Video

This extension let you watch videos from popular services like YouTube and Vimeo with your friends. After entering website with embeded player you can create your own room where selected video will be synced among your friends.

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273 users

Auto-Open Browser Console

Automatically opens Browser Console when Firefox starts. Mainly for extension developers.

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It's easy to learn foreign languages!
Simply select a word, and translation appears immediately.
To translate a word, hold Alt while selecting it with a mouse.

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84 users

Bitcurex Requires Restart

Nieoficjalne rozszerzenie bitcurex.

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HungaroStat - Mit néz a magyar internetező?

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ExtJS 4

Embed ExtJS library in Firefox Browser.

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158 users

Ching Testing Requires Restart

Firefox extension testing by Vikas Kumar.

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Shopcade Want Requires Restart

Add products you love to your Shopcade from ANY website.

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11 users

Chaype.Pikabu Requires Restart

Chaype с авторегистрацией для пользователей pikabu.ru

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19 users

JSON Inspector

Inspect JSON object from a URL or entered data.
Requires either DOM Inspector or DOM Inspector Plus! [dm] extension.

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373 users

Comwrap Projects Navigator

Quickly navigate to Comwrap Projects in JIRA and Confluence

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Let It Snow - Snowing effect in browser window.

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311 users