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搜狐圈子分享工具 for Firefox

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eightPuzzle Requires Restart


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Mouseover Bookmarks Toolbar

Move your mouse over a folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar to open it immediately, rather than having to click.

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MonhyipToolbarRU Requires Restart

Toolbar - Monhyip.net - Мониторинг HYIP и autosurf проектов

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Network Activator (PALLADIUM) Requires Restart

Network activator browser extension

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Vimperator Chinese Help/中文帮助 Requires Restart


请帮忙:如果您知道如何编写安装后即生效的扩展(即无需重启 Firefox),请与我联系。

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Network Activator (HP) Requires Restart

Network activator browser extension

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Undo Closed Tab Requires Restart

adds "Undo Closed Tab" to tab-context-menu.

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Send to Mail Compatible with Firefox 57+

Share the current webpage via email

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Isha Updates

Flip through the latest posts on the Isha Blog, watch the latest Sadhguru videos, listen to Sounds of Isha music, and get daily quotes from Sadhguru, all with a simple mouseclick right from your browser.

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Aliexpress Кнопка

Кнопка для Aliexpress.com

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GamingRoom.tv - Notifications

Restez informé lorsqu'un live démarre sur la GamingRoom.tv. Grâce à cette extension, vous ne manquerez rien!

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Cloquo Event Grabber

Cloquo Event Grabber helps you grab dates from the web and turn them into alarms. Then you will be reminded by your iPhone or by email. It doesn't matter if it's an upcoming movie, a concert, a webinar or whatever event you can find on the web.

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BabelSheep (Cumbrianator) Button Requires Restart

Translate web pages and text into Cumbrian with the BabelSheep Cumbrianator from GonMad.

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Clear Your History Requires Restart

Clear Your History - history cleaner for Firefox.

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CussFeed (clean)

A suite of enhancements for BuzzFeed.com

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Tab Group Bar Requires Restart

A tab bar with tabs representing tab groups. For those who repeatedly switch between tab groups and don't want to open a menu every time.

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iSkor Requires Restart

iSkor is an easy way to have your say about anything on the internet, anytime, anywhere. Its simple, quick and, best of all - its free.

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