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eBayBuddy Australia

ebay Buddy Australia is a small extension for quick navigation of and other related tools through the right-click context menu or a single toolbar button....

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Added January 2, 2008

Show WCI Portal Info

This extension is useful to those managing or developing systems built on Oracle's WebCenter Interaction (previously BEA's AquaLogic Interaction, previously Plumtree) portal. It displays portal host info in the browser's status bar.

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Added January 1, 2008

Bookmark Previews

Bookmark Previews adds an album view and thumbnail view to the bookmarks manager.

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Added January 1, 2008

Update Channel Selector

Allows you to change the application update channel.

Changing only the channel with Gecko 12 became insufficient because it's "*.mar" related security landings.

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Added December 30, 2007

URL Tab Completion

Shell type tab completion in location bar

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Added December 28, 2007


This extension allows you to navigate easily in sites which use numbers to organize their pages. (for example, on a web gallery likehttp://someurl/image004.jpg,a press on Previous button will open the image003.jpg. A press on the Next button will ope...

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Added December 28, 2007

LDS Mingle Toolbar

LDS Mingle helps LDS singles create and build meaningful relationships online. Find thousands of photos of LDS singles. Enjoy our chatrooms, instant messaging, photo gallery, and more. Join today to start searching over thousands of profiles of singl...

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Added December 21, 2007

DMOZ Bookmarks

Download any dmoz category to your browser bookmarks.

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Added December 20, 2007


pinkTabs allows you to pick pink style decoration to your browser Tabs. Check out

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Added December 19, 2007


oldbar makes the location (URL) bar look like Firefox 2.

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Added December 19, 2007

Wired-Marker Featured

Wired-Marker( is a permanent (indelible) highlighter that you use on Web pages. The highlighter, which comes in various colors and styles, is a kind of electronic bookmark that serves as a guide when you revisit a Web ...

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Added December 19, 2007

reQall on firefox

Remember what you found on the web with reQall.

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Added December 19, 2007


Web ページ上の情報を取り込んで整理編集できます。

※「紙copi」「紙copi Lite」のインストールが必要です。

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Added December 18, 2007

Couch Managers Mock Draft Monitor

Follow your slow CouchManagers mock draft from your status bar. Keep track of the draft progress and know right when you're on the clock.

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Added December 17, 2007


This extension will read in the selected text, and parse out contact information (name, email, phone, etc.). A dialog will popup so you can edit the information, then it can save to a .VCF (VCard) file.

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Added December 16, 2007


PassiveRecon provides information security professionals with the ability to perform "packetless" discovery of target resources utilizing publicly available information.

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Added December 13, 2007

Qype Nice

The Qype site closes (as far as I know) October/November 2013. Also the API is discontinued. Therefore this add-on will then loose its functionality und will be deleted soon.

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Added December 12, 2007


Takes Screen Shots of web sites.

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Added December 10, 2007

Ghoztcraft Menu

This simple little extension adds navigation menus for to the menu bar. Includes special menu items to better support the features of

Menu will be updated as forums and pages are changed.

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Added December 8, 2007

goo Green Label

Adds "goo tree" toolbar icon, the symbol of your contribution to environmental conservation. Moreover, your Firefox becomes green.

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Added December 7, 2007