OS Integration

  • Simpler Red

    A simpler theme for Firefox in red. Now with a much-needed update. :)
    72 users
  • Industrial

    Icons from the Tango Desktop Project. It is a variant of the "Tango" theme for use with Novell's Industrial look, see more details...
    30 users
  • Proto for Mac OS X

    The Proto theme is a snapshot of the ongoing Mac OS X theme work for Firefox 3.

    ** NOTE TO TESTERS: Please don't file bugs against the Proto theme. Only file bugs if you can reproduce your issue with the default theme. **
    333 users
  • Strata Aero

    The default Firefox 3 theme for Vista, now for Windows XP too!
    626 users
  • Tango FX4

    The Ubuntu Tango Theme for Firefox 4.
    82 users
  • Outlook 2003 Blue

    A Outlook 2003 Theme in Blue to give the feeling of the Office look and a better integration in the Luna Windows XP...
    642 users
  • Ubuntu Human Theme

    Ubuntu Human Icons, derived from Ubuntu Linux OS. ...
    123 users
  • Opaque + ClearTabs

    It's no washout; clearer tabs too!

    Please note: this theme has now been superseded by 'Firefox 2 theme for Firefox 4+' which can be used with the latest versions of Firefox!
    134 users
  • Strata Human

    This theme gives the clean, glossy look of the XP and Vista "Strata" icons to Ubuntu's Human theme. I took the XP version of Strata and changed the colors in Gimp to better fit the Human theme. I think it fits pretty well.
    65 users
  • Safari Blue

    修改自GrApple Yummy (blue) 1.0.4的Safari主题,默认为Lucida Grande,可以到我的主页下载默认字体版本。
    9 users
  • GnomeFx

    This is a firefox 3.6 theme for windows XP which changes all of the default icons into their GNOME counterparts.
    28 users
  • Strata40 Lite

    Inspired by Firefox 4 mockups.
    164 users
  • Reddish

    A dark, red & glassy Firefox 4 theme.
    304 users
  • Internet Explorer 5 Mac Theme

    Here is a Internet Explorer 5 Mac edition theme for firefox 29 and further.

    Thank you)))).... Спасибо)))

    151 users
  • Outlook 2003 Green

    A Outlook 2003 Theme in Green to give the feeling of the Office look and a better integration in the Green Windows XP...
    152 users
  • macbird

    The clean look of Mac OS X Firebird 0.8 on your PC - includes UI elements and enhancements. Based on macfoxII by Kelly...
    42 users