• Blue Shift

    A Stylish blue and black theme.
    1,169 users
  • Orbit Grey Custom

    Px Classic with a Grey button set, now maintained by...
    182 users
  • Red Fiber

    Red Carbon Fiber Theme for those who want a little carbon fiber in their lives...
    29 users
  • Gradient Gray

    seamless silver gradient...
    145 users
  • Newgrounds Classic

    Surf the net with Tankman by your side in this animated theme!
    560 users
  • Chromifox Extreme Green

    A Green and black coat of Chrome for Firefox. Chromifox is a dark and deep green theme for Firefox on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, inspired by the appearance of the Google Chrome browser. This theme is a fork of Chromifox Extreme Blade by Triton
    579 users
  • Camiglass

    Squares of white glass.
    58 users
  • Ffox New Theme

    Firefox >4.0 Fully Transparent Theme
    401 users
  • MetroFox

    it is based on Pseutro by SpewBoy and SoapyHamHocks
    110 users
  • Azerty II

    Pretty and pleasant icons. Each button was designed to symbolize its real function. Sometimes realistic or symbolic but always with merry colors and original forms...
    570 users
  • Planet Mir

    Clean light blue theme for Firefox.

    Completely redesigned the tabs for this release...
    163 users
  • Pearl Fiber

    Pearl Carbon Fiber Theme for those who want a little carbon fiber in their lives...
    38 users
  • Baby Blue

    This is BabyBlue theme for Firefox 3.5. BabyBlue is a clean and soft light blue theme for Firefox. If you have feedback and suggestions please visit us at the official web site.
    398 users
  • extero

    A Firefox theme that is just a little bit different.
    65 users
  • Mangan

    Theme for Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird - Very clean theme inspired by Google Chrome
    112 users
  • GrApple Crisp

    Designed to fit well in the Mac OS X environment.
    703 users