Up & Coming Complete Themes

  • Blue Shift

    A Stylish blue and black theme.
    1,187 users
  • MZ8 Firefox Windows 8 Theme

    Firefox Windows 8 Theme
    4,355 users
  • PixelZilla

    A theme based on pixel art, which should not distract and pleasant to look...
    38 users
  • Luna

    Designed to help Firefox integrate with Windows...
    106 users
  • Luna Blue

    Emulates the Windows XP Luna theme regardless of the OS...
    95 users
  • Unofficial Tango

    A clean theme using Tango icons from www.tango-project.o...
    48 users
  • phox

    A theme based on the great work done by e|vo's Brushed Theme and Denis Larousse's Aquafox...
    65 users
  • Maxi

    Clean modern theme for Firefox 2. A nice alternative to the default theme since the colors are lighter and easier on the eyes...
    158 users
  • Netscape Windows 3.1

    Netscape 3 with Windows 3.1...
    80 users
  • Saturated

    The original Firefox 2 theme, but with more vivid colours.
    175 users
  • Azerty II

    Pretty and pleasant icons. Each button was designed to symbolize its real function. Sometimes realistic or symbolic but always with merry colors and original forms...
    631 users
  • Azerty I

    Pleasant icons reminding the symbols used by IE or Qute (arrows, star, house, clock...)...
    343 users
  • Orbit Grey

    217 users
  • miniFox

    Original FireFox theme (by Gerich and Horlander) reduced to minimal sizes for the maximum...
    302 users
  • miniFoxFlat

    miniFox theme with almost everything 2D flat...
    245 users
  • OpenWorld2

    An OpenWorld icon...
    2 users