Zotero has lots of potential but also lots of areas for improvement Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Zotero is a tool used to store content for later citation and usage. Supported formats include links, images, pdfs, and other media. My primary use lies in its ease of use with regard to Latex citations.

-Unobtrusive to workflow
-The simple click-to-add buttons for articles also captures metadata such as authors, dates accessed, abstract, and more
-The insertion of saved content is streamline

Areas for improvement:
-User interface is not visually appealing and at times not intuitive
-Users are not provided with adequate documentation and guidelines for usage
-Consultation of online documentation is necessary to utilize full range of features. The training built into the add-on itself is insufficient and overly hurried
-Unable to create folders within a library
-Insufficient granularity of folder structure
-Organization of individual articles is messy and difficult to reorder
-It can be difficult to access full breadth of metadata stored by the add-on

I think the underlying charter behind this add-on is well thought out and has undeniable use though the actual execution is shaky at times. Not only is the user interface overly complicated and not particularly visually appealing but the add-on doesn’t take the proper amount of time to provide the users with the knowledge of how to get the most of their experience. The back-end seems well formulated and contains a breadth of features but the front-end is lacking (the user interface is particular.) I think with subsequent iterations. The add-on has a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see what else the team at Zotero has planned for this great idea!

Finally I can cite as I want Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This add on does his job admirably. Zotero cite plugin for word was an important part of my workflow. However Microsoft word is not reliable for long and complex documents. Word plugin of Zotero has a limited user interface and when word has corruptions in section headers it can be very slow to update. If a correction is needed I had to switch to Zotero main interface to edit my citation and come back to cite.

Finally I switched to Latex and I look never back. Better Biblatex plus Zotero autoexporting plugins for zotero permits me to cite quickly. For exemple I am able to mouse drop my citations. It is simpler than using Zotero plugin for word. Actually I can use full Zotero interface to choose my citations and edit them on the fly directly and can cite them instantaneously in Latex. Zotero autoexporting add-on silently keeps in sync everything.

I am using latex to write philosophy texts. I am not technically oriented. However I managed to setup plugins and my latex environment with great results. There is nothing to be afraid of and with Latex sky is the limit.

This plugin is a must for Latex and Zotero users and this author deserves a much better support.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is a great tool which makes the use of Zotero perfect! Without doing anything new Zotero entries just get exported into a bibliography file and I can cite it right away in my LaTeX docs, for example.

I used to have some problems with an older version but thanks to the developer who fixed the problem very quickly everything works perfectly now.

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thank you also for the contribution and your support. If you have any suggestion or further problems do not hesitate to use the contact

Now everything is ok Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is a follow up of my last message. The problem has been solved by simply change the settings and manually restart firefox (I use zotero addon). Thank you very much to the developer for his kind help.

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Forgot I had it installed. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Which means it has done its job admirably. This add on solved a problem for me so completely that, once I had set it up, I forgot about it. Having just realized it was installed after a year, and that I had been relying on it for that time, I thought I'd better register an account and say thanks for doing us a great service. The addition of a postprocessing hook is a nice bonus.

Very fine work, very fine work indeed.

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thank you

thank you for your feedback, nice to know. In the future will some new features for example for improving to export single collections / searches and group collections also. For any suggestion and feedback feel free to contact me (:

Nice Addition to Zotero Rated 5 out of 5 stars

A perfect addition that makes my latex refecrences more dynamic!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have a question to return to you. To clarify the question, I need to show a picture. May I know your Email if possible so I can send an attachment?

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Well is awful that you like to improve the addon. Just send me a shortmessage with your mail via my feedback form at homepage at you will get my mail. I am sorry but because of privacy I can not mention it here.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

VERY useful add-on, thanks :)

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Thanks for your rating. If you want to suggest features or have ideas how to improve or even found bugs in feature, do not hesitate to contact me ;)

Gutes Addon, ein Vorschlag Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Die Version 1.06 läuft fehlerfrei, die 1.07 funktioniert bei mir nicht. Was wünschenswert wäre, wäre ein schnell erreichbarer Knopf, so dass der Autoexport ausgelöst wird. In ähnlicher Weise wie der Test-Button im Settingsmenue.

Ansonsten tut es das was es soll - und das ist eine große Hilfe!

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Guten Abend,

also hat die Vorabversion der 1.0.8 auch nicht funktioniert? Kommen immer noch dieselben Meldungen in der 1.0.7? Den Wunsch nach dem Exportbutton wird eigentlich mit dem Toolbar sehr bald realisiert werden, da sich dieser in der Menüleiste befinden wird und zugleich den Status anzeigt..

Soweit so gut, hoffe dass es bald wieder so stabil wie eh und je funktioniert.., viele Grüsse

Excellent addon! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

This add-on is exactly what I was looking for. I it is a very nice replacement to LYZ which keeps crashing LYX on updating. It also resolves the problem, I think, with changes in the bibtex key if you exported articles after making changes to them. I tried it and it does work nicely. I have two suggestions, though:
1- When you have a large database, the update process can take very long time, making this add-on annoying. I suggest allowing for exporting a particular collection rather than the whole database. This is useful when you work on a particular article. Of course you can always add papers from the main database to your particular collection..

2- Maybe in the future you'll be able to add some message on zotero alerting the user that Bibtex in currently being updated or maybe just be dimming the color of Zotero window.

Best wishes,

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Hello Katyin Version 1.1.2 which is now pre released at the plugin homepage ( http://rokdd.de/permanent:zotero-autoexporting#1-1-2 ) you can select which collections will be exported. Because of the performance the whole library as file won't be any longer exported if you choose custom collections. so it will more faster in future.Let me know about your experience...Have a nice weekendRobert