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  • Not a 'broken' addon, but the interface is retarded (shows the same thing U R looking @ in a second 'mini-window', & the zooming is NOT anti-aliased. It's super-ugly & blocky/pixelated. The "Image Zoom" add-on is 10,000X better. Install that instead =)

  • This is definitely one of the best extensions, and maybe second to none when dealing with images. I really like the different zoom capabilities.

    But there are two things I think need to be considered when updating this extension again. 1) Smoother dragging. I've just finished testing another similar extension (I have already decided to use this one instead) and the dragging in that zoom is the best I have seen. And to be perfectly honest and unbiased, the dragging in zoomFox is really bad. It's not as smooth as I would like, and I think it deserves to be better. I don't mean it has to be the best or smoothest, but I do think it should be better than it is now.

    2) The white background can be changed to a more neutral color. As we all know, white as a background for digital images is the worst color. Maybe a more grayish color would look better and be easier on our eyes. I don't think you should go through the trouble of making this some kind of user defined attribute, but I do think just a single, non-changeable neutral color would be best.

    Aside from those two things, this extension will be very useful for me, since I do a lot of image searching and studying. Keep up the great work.

  • Good, but would be even better if you could rotate the viewed image

  • It's very helpful, one of my favorite extensions. Thanks!

  • Thanks for updating to Firefox 3.0!!!

  • Of all the add-ons I use this is the most important one. Thanks for updating it to work with Firefox 3!!!

  • I love this extension and hope we can get an update for Firefox 3.0.I have found that I really depend on this while surfing and I miss it in Firefox 3.

  • Any chance of getting an update for Firefox 3?

    This was one of my favorite addons for FF2 and was very useful for zooming in on pics on the net..

  • Any chance of getting an update for Firefox 3?

    This was one of my favorite addons for FF2 and was very useful for zooming in on pics on the net..

  • Very nice and easy to use but not as simple as the pic zoom in Opera Browser but more functions and it does blur some pics when zooming in on them too much but that's a given lol

  • This add-on is great! It's fast, seems to be light on resources, and has a lot of functionality, which performs very well.

    I highly recommend this simple, yet effective add-on!!.

  • Every time I click view with, it just show a blank page and the tab says \"Untitled\"...don\'t know if I\'m doing something wrong or not?

  • I could not get this to work with FastDial add-on installed. But I found a similar add-on called Speed Dial, which does work with zoomfox, so now I have zoomfox working and I think it is great.

  • If there is one extension I use the most, this is it.

  • Developer Comments: May not work with NoScript, since it uses Javascript on an HTML page (not in XUL) to do all the zoom/scrolling.

    I am using firefox with NoScript and zoomFox is working well for me.

    I am very pleased with the Add-on and would highly recommend it. Good job!

    Edited June 18, 2008:
    The only thing that remains to be done is to update the add-on so that it is compatible with Firefox v3.0!