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  • Thank you!
    I love the possibility to change the zoom with right click between "full page zoom" and "text only zoom", and reset the zoom with middle click.
    Cheers !

    Dear Mozilla, we are still in pain !!!!!!

    Do to limitations in the the provided APIs in Firefox 57, a lot of highly efficient and practical add-ons cannot be implemented as a WebExtension add-ons and will not work in Firefox 57 or higher.

    The change from the other add-on infrastructure was done too quickly and brutally. Would it have been too much for add-ons devs, to have a tool which translated their add-on from previous technology to current?
    Who is the main beneficiary(at least until now) of this mess? :::::: G O O G L E .
    Check out the usage share of browsers in the last years: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_web_browsers
    A lot of users were lured from google search page to install their browser, and the majority of users do not understand what google is.
    Google represents: Spying, Monopoly, Closed and Proprietary source code which cannot be reviewed by anyone except some people at google, and little regard for customization. Mozilla is (or at least was before FF57) the opposite.
    Who are the main disadvantaged people? ::: a lot of the every day users of Firefox. Since the change(after FF57), about 5% of the users have completely left Firefox, and a lot others have stopped updating beyond FF 56.
  • just perfect!

    where have you been??!! it been years searching from time to time about an extension doing what IE does or even something close to it strange anyway finally i get the best choice because am working daily on pictures so its pretty annoying clicking ctrl+scroll and adjust the width uuuuffff at last ^_^
  • Frustrating. This add-on gets me half the way there, then dumps me.

    * The indicator shows e(X)plicit settings, but never indicates that (S)ite-specific settings have been either saved or loaded.

    * Site-specific settings are not applied when links from the main domain are launched in new tabs (or any other way).

    * There's no wildcard facility for setting up zoom rules. My most common use case is by-passed: I'd like to set a zoom level for the front page of a news site, and a separate zoom level for articles or pages on that domain. Zoom Page sort of pretends to do it, then fails.

    * Settings are confusing, filled with weirdly-overlapping options I'll never use, yet lacking fine control over basics.

    With the old NoSquint, everything just worked. I used + and - with a couple of modifier keys, and settings were applied consistently and correctly as I browsed. Lacking that consistency, this new add-on is worse than useless. I want to set zoom for the various domains and pages I routinely visit, then stop twiddling. With Zoom Page, that's not possible.

    Alas, Mozilla has landed us in this mess. Add-ons that had been honed over years are now being replaced by hastily-concocted 'equivalents.' I'm testing FF 56; but will probably end up reverting to my trusty old 41, where everything still 'just works,' including the many small amenities that make browsing a pleasure instead of chore. (I actually had to post this review from FF 41. I have absolutely no idea why my login failed with 56 - and I have better things to do than figure out yet another thing that's been broken.)

    Maybe I'll finally have to try Chrome... at least Google doesn't keep deleting features (Tab Groups), rearranging the UI (Australis) and obliterating their developer support (Quantum).
  • "In all four page zoom modes, the zoom type can be set to Full-Page or Text-Only"
    This is a big weakness of this extension. It can't be used for Nosquint (which is full of bugs now) replacement. I don't like narrow pages, so I must fit them to width, but then text is too big. Do you see my point?
  • Очень хорошее расширение спасибо
  • Works very well (using it Firefox 52.5.0ESR) and have been for awhile now. Only thing I
    would like to see is the ability to set Zoom Level on a Per Page basis instead of on a
    Per Site basis. Per site works in most cases, but on some pages, like this one
    https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/comics/ -- when you select a specific game
    you may need a different zoom level for each type of game board. So setting it on a per
    page basis would be a nice idea.
  • Firefox Quantum Support ?


    Please try Zoom Page WE ...

    Zoom Page WE is the successor to the original Zoom Page.

    You can download Zoom Page WE here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/zoom-page-we/

    It is not possible to update all the features of the original Zoom Page to work with Firefox 57.

    The original Zoom Page will be maintained for a period of time after the release of Firefox 57, for those users that choose to remain on an earlier version of Firefox.
  • Being visually disabled Zoom Page has been an essential aid for many years. I could not do without it. Unfortunately the new version seems harder to use, so I went back to FF 52.
  • Not compatible with Firefox Quantum
    please, up date
  • Very good addon! Now I use PaleMoon browser instead Firefox. And ZoomPage works fine in PaleMoon :)
  • I will not go to Firefox 57.0 until there are Zoom Pages under it. The WE version is totally disappointing, because it is very uncomfortable and does not work well.
  • Sehr gut!! Hoffentlich kommt bald eine neue Version für Firfox 57.
  • Hope you will continue to maintain this wonderful extension. Consider moving it to the Pale Moon Add-ons Site since Mozilla will be removing XUL extensions next year.
  • dead
  • the fit to width and site specific function is super amazing for tablet user .
    i like this add on soooo much .but i don't know why remind me replace with zoom page we ,which removed the most competitive functions . i will not upgrade to 57 anymore if zoom page we don't add above two function .

    no doubt 5stars
    Zoom Page WE is the replacement for Zoom Page which will not work with Firefox 57 or later versions.

    Zoom Page WE provides site-specfic zoom, just like Zoom Page, and since version 6.0 Zoom Page WE provides fully automatic fit-to-width zoom.
  • I didn't get a chance to use it, although I'm sure it's very good. After restarting there were a flurry of impertinent notices telling me it was incompatible with Old Default Image, and to remove the latter. The Old Default centres images and lets one choose one's own colour background instead of boring old black.

    There's very little chance I would remove an essential and excellent add-on to make way for another.
    Zoom Page can do almost everything that the Old Default Image Style add-on can do - and a lot more!
  • Simple, essential and works great.
  • Thanks
  • Mr developper, you should update your Legacy addon! Thanks very much ! Read this:
    Zoom Page WE is the successor to the original Zoom Page.

    You can download Zoom Page WE here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/zoom-page-we/

    It is not possible to update all the features of the original Zoom Page to work with Firefox 57.

    The original Zoom Page will be maintained for a period of time after the release of Firefox 57, for those users that choose to remain on an earlier version of Firefox.
  • Great add-on! Useful in so many ways. Thanks
  • Simply fantastic - one of the best plugins I've ever used. It does everything you expect, and it is very reliable. 5 stars!
  • 可以设置所有网页的默认缩放大小,还默认会记住特定网页的缩放大小。就这两点就大赞,用起来很舒服。
  • The Image Zoom add-on I'd been using for over a year now was really nice, until it stopped working correctly thanks to a recent Firefox update (48.0+). It didn't look as though it would ever be updated (last time was 2013), so I went looking for a replacement and found this one, Zoom Page which is exactly what I was looking for.

    So I installed version 15.7 yesterday using Firefox 51.0.1 and everything appears to work perfectly. It's not as easy to figure out its options, but for the most part I did get it to work the way I wanted it to with images (just had to change the very bottom of the second tab to 25% min and 500% max).

    I'm really going to miss the mouse wheel functionality from Image Zoom and its ability to rotate images (hence why I knocked one star off, though I'd have preferred to remove only half a star), but that's a small price to pay for an add-on which actually works, which it does quite well IMHO!

    My sincerest gratitude goes out to the developer for creating this add-on. Thank you! :-)
  • Version 15.6 does work.

    Using ff 50.1.0

    Trypst21 (previous review) says he's reverting to 15.5. How does he do that for an addon? (use windows restore?)

    why do I have automatic updates ever turned on..... so common!
    This problem is fixed in Zoom Page 15.7.
  • v15.6 broke this for ff47. and no, I'm not gonna update stupid firefox. reverting to 15.5
    This problem is fixed in Zoom Page 15.7.