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  • Does the job with no fuss and has lovely clear buttons

  • +5

  • Size of buttons are too large. Why have you changed the size of them? They now look ridiculous.

  • No colors. OMG! awesome! just if you like can I get a grey version ?

  • Please put color in the buttons!

    Zoom In - Green
    Restore Zoom - Red
    Zoom Out - Blue


  • Longtime happy user of your add-on.
    And thanks so much for putting up the 3 button option.

  • Works well - just what I was looking for. One bug I found: clicking on "Options" for this extension crashes Firefox (26.0) on my system.

    Developer response

    Thanks sincerely for taking the time to mention the issue.
    It has been fixed in version 1.0.2

    There was leftover coding. There actually are no options.

    Thanks again.