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The idea is Zemanta is great, unfortunately it creates more work than it solves. when you insert an image, you then have to edit that image to remove the unwanted link, unwanted "alt" text. You then want to remove the enforced Zemanta tag (hidden or otherwise) from the bottom of your post. I've found while editing a post, the <div> tags inserted by zemanta actually got split up, causing chaotic viewing of the post.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thank you for your comment

Hi Zenettii,
thank you very much for your comment! We're trying hard to please both bloggers and providers of great content. When you use an image from someone else who has made it available on the web for reuse it usually comes with a requirement that you allow an attribution with the link to original source or author. Zemanta tries to help users do the 'right thing' by default.

Even if you don't use Zemanta and get your images in some other way we'd like to encourage you to credit authors of third party images - from Flickr, Wikipedia and other sites.

As for the Zemanta tag, that's there because of technical reasons so our javascript code can identify the image. The image at the end of the post is a credit to us, the authors of the plug-in. If you think we don't deserve the credit, then you are free to remove it. However again we think credit should be given when it is due and that's why our tool behaves the way it does.

Sorry to see you go as a user and I hope you will find other tools that better suite your workflow!

Andraz Tori, CTO