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  • It is not helpful at all if you are blogging in Arabic.

  • I have just create my blog and making the page for it. Very happy with this info

  • Zemanta seems to be getting increasingly worse and is fast becoming more of a burden for my blog that I am considering removing it completely. I have contacted their support team before about its ongoing bugs and failings. However, this was unsuccessful. I have just updated Freeze Fox and now I'm receiving that familiar error message from Zemanta, advising me to "Wake up the engineers". In addition, there is still absolutely no evidence that Zemanta does what it claims to do, despite having used it for some considerable time. They fail to show how many and who has linked to my blog as a result of using your program. There should a be a long list, yet I appear to have gained nothing.

  • Wish there was a way to Mash this up, with ScribeFrire......that would really be an awesome tool.

  • I'm new to blogging, and was excited to find an addon that would work with Blogger and WordPress. Unfortunately, it only seems to work about 20% of the time. I'm using the latest version of FF and I tried the latest version of Chrome too. Each time, it gives me an error, and an option to retry and an option to "wake up" the developers. The "wake up" consists of an email, which get returned as undeliverable. So much for support.

    The other failure mode is not getting any Zemanta box in the WordPress or Blogger editors.

    This type of addon has great potential. Hopefully Zemanta can improve, or other software producer can fill this niche.

    Caveat emptor.

    Developer response

    Hey, thanks for taking your time & reviewing our browser extension, we appreciate your time, although we're sad to hear you are mostly experiencing problems with it — and we'd love to help you out!

    What was the exact error message that you got? Was it the "Transport Failure", by any chance?

    If yes, may I kindly ask you if you could check out our widget / browser extension on some other computer, or on the same computer, but on some other internet connection?

    The reason why I'm asking these questions is because this error usually appears when there's some application or service that is obstructing the communication between your Zemanta widget and our servers. Usually there's some other add-on or some other plugin that's causing these problems on that particular browser, but since you mentioned that this is also happening on your Chrome browser, I'm guessing the cause must by lying elsewhere — either your firewall settings, router, WiFi, etc.

    And we'd like to help you out figuring what it is.

    The other thing that's totally baffling us is that undelivered email to our support account — this is definitely a first (and quite worrisome, to be honest)! May I ask you to check the email address once again? Can you send us another one?

    Here's our support's email address support[at]zemanta[dot]com
    And here's our twitter handle, if the one above fails (again): https://twitter.com/zemantasupport

    I'm very eager to get this sorted for you and I'm very much looking forward to your reply! Take care & have a nice weekend ahead!


  • Zemanta integrated with Blogger appears at the bottom of the post,. Is there anyway to shift the related links to the footer.
    Blogger templates do not show any Zemanta script inside the templates, so is there any way to shift the Zemanta Div in Blogger

  • Zemanta is an excellent tool for bloggers. It's easy to use, it's relevant to your topic, and it saves a ton of time. As you write your blog, Zemanta analyzes the content and offers pictures and related articles that with just a click of your mouse, you can add them to your blog.

    No more searching for images or related content. Those are just 2 of the many options Zemanta offers. I've been using it for years and I highly recommend it.

  • I added Zemanta because the reviews were generally enthusiastic. However, as soon as I reopened FireFox, I discovered that I couldn't do a thing with the add-on unless I opened an account with them. I'm getting to the point where I'm sick of opening accounts & sharing personal information with whomever, whatever their privacy policy is. Having looked at the description of the add-on, I decided that, for me, the benefits of using Zemanta are not worth one more internet account.

    I know from reviews here and in the Apple App Store that there are a growing number of people who don't like to have to open accounts in order to use an app or add-on. So I suggest that the developers make it very clear in the description that a membership is required to use this add-on. It would be better for them because they won't have customers who are surprised (and likely annoyed) by the requirement after they have installed Zemanta.

  • excellent addon!!!

  • For little effort this program adds a lot of functionality to my blog.

  • I have been using this for ages inside a wordpress.com blog. Since then I have self hosted and had to use the plugin inside wordpress. Then there is this one for Mozilla.

    Are they one and the same, do I need both?

    Finally and most importantly, this plugin shows right at the top right side when I am editing a post, so normal tags and categories that we use are way down below, and I need to scroll every single time I want to add one.

    Is there a way to move the thing down below tags and categories? It is a real pain on a busy blog for my authors and myself. Fix that and you get 5 stars, as it makes a full time bloggers job so MUCH easier long term.


    Developer response

    Hi! Thanks for asking!

    In WordPress.org it really does makes sense to use the WordPress.org plugin, since it will remember the position of the widget once you've changed it. It will also work on all browsers and computers (unlike the Firefox addon which will only load in the Firefox where you installed it). The plugin version even has Featured Image support.

    So, they pretty much work the same, but it does make sense to use the Plugin on selfhosted WordPress installations. If you have both installed, the Plugin will always override the Firefox Extension.

    Let me know if you need more info! :)

    For others:

  • Haven't been blogging for long and discovered this addon a week or so ago. It is so cool and saves me so much time. I especially love the image recommendation feature. That alone has sped up the writing process considerably.

  • Here is a great tool. Simple to use and so effective for anyone writing articles or blogs as a great filler and content aggregator.
    Add NoteTabPlus to it for storage, Zotero for your serious PhD research and tineye and you can find anything out there. Maybe even create an interesting Blog - a true rarity. :-)

  • Very useful. Have used this on Blogger and Wordpress and think it is a great way to add related articles back to my posts and to other blogs. I like the in-text links to help with traffic, and the tags for Wordpress. You can find free images to use for your posts. Would definitely recommend this to any blogger to help optimize your blog.

  • Zemanta has been tremendously useful on a daily basis running a number of blogs. The textual links, the inline image suggestions, and the tags all make sense (or can be easily modified). It's a tremendous add-on, and the developers really care about it. Superb!!

  • Thank you for NOT using Zemanta. It means that my blog posts and emails will always have relevant pictures, related articles, in text links and tagging metadata and yours will not! :-D

    Seriously? Zemanta is my secret weapon for spicing up a post. Use it!!!

  • The idea is Zemanta is great, unfortunately it creates more work than it solves. when you insert an image, you then have to edit that image to remove the unwanted link, unwanted "alt" text. You then want to remove the enforced Zemanta tag (hidden or otherwise) from the bottom of your post. I've found while editing a post, the tags inserted by zemanta actually got split up, causing chaotic viewing of the post.

    Developer response

    Hi Zenettii,
    thank you very much for your comment! We're trying hard to please both bloggers and providers of great content. When you use an image from someone else who has made it available on the web for reuse it usually comes with a requirement that you allow an attribution with the link to original source or author. Zemanta tries to help users do the 'right thing' by default.

    Even if you don't use Zemanta and get your images in some other way we'd like to encourage you to credit authors of third party images - from Flickr, Wikipedia and other sites.

    As for the Zemanta tag, that's there because of technical reasons so our javascript code can identify the image. The image at the end of the post is a credit to us, the authors of the plug-in. If you think we don't deserve the credit, then you are free to remove it. However again we think credit should be given when it is due and that's why our tool behaves the way it does.

    Sorry to see you go as a user and I hope you will find other tools that better suite your workflow!

    Andraz Tori, CTO

  • I have used Zemanta on and off for a couple of years. However, after some great interaction with many of the Zemanta personnel, I'm back to using it full time and excited about some upcoming projects that Zemanta has in the works. I highly recommend giving Zemanta a try and just wait til you see what's on the horizon. The new stuff is going to absolutely blow you away.

  • Makes blogging a whole lot faster, especially when adding value (links, tags, etc) to your posts. Think of it as your personal blogging secretary, only better :)

  • Zemanta does a great job of recommending relevant tags, links, and images that make my blog posts richer and more informative for my readers. My favorite feature nowadays is the Related Articles-- I love how Zemanta finds other articles online on the same subject matter I write about. This helps enmesh my blog posts in larger online conversations and helps me network with like-minded bloggers who care about these topics too. I've found them valuable as a reader, too, helping me broaden my understanding of the topics I write about.

  • Zemanta makes adding links and related stuff to blog posts so much easier... and with it effectively boost traffic. Cool stuff.

  • I have used this add on for quite some time, and it's very handy and useful in my blog posts! I haven't had any trouble with it so far, and would recommend it to anyone. :-)

  • Every professional blogger should use this tool when creating new content. It will help you find relevant content to link to or even images to include in your blog posts.

  • Good.

  • Zemanta is supposed to work with Gmail and Yahoo. I installed the extension but I don't see Zemanta when I composed in Gmail or in Yahoo. On the lighter side, it's working with my blog but would love it better if I can also use it in my email accounts.

    Developer response

    Email is not enabled by default. You can enable it via the Zemanta icon in the location bar, or via Preferences.