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  • good ytmp3
  • Despite of the fact that an ad is shown when converting, it still remains the best ytmp3 converter available. It has more options than others and the sound quality is amazing
  • Pop-up window always comes up even though the pop-up blocker is enabled, and a couple times, it was a virus that locked up my computer and tried to infect me. I had to forcefully shut down Firefox. Now that they are INSISTING that we disable our ad-blocker, I am completely removing Youtube MP3 Downloader from my computer if they don't reply back saying that they will allow the ad blocker. It's one thing to try to infect me, but this new policy is a total deal breaker.
  • Turn off my ad blocker my @ss.
  • best addon I used so far
  • Update: This add-on is amazing! I can adjust the volume to quiet down loud videos & I can make louder for my deaf son! THANK YOU SO MUCH! To the hard working developer for fixing my bugs ASAP! Sometimes the convert button gets stuck so I have to keep a tab open that worked in order to use.
    Update: Hopefully we fixed your last bug too. Thanks.
  • Great addon
  • Never ever has worked, not even once. Updated it now it disappeared from Youtube videos. Turns out the updated version wants me to use the latest version of Firefox. No thanks. That version is absolutely broken.
  • good
  • 10 stars ytmp3 converter
  • where's the download button hidden???
    Please click on the button "How to Download" on Main Page. Thanks.
  • Awesome! didnt ask for any permissions, and the page you land on, has more options than most! thats called adding value!!
    well done mate!!!
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • awesome ytmp3 converter
  • Great tool
  • very good converter
  • Opens a pop up ad window and I removed it straight away.
  • ça parait compliquer a 1ere vue . mais il est au top et beaucoup d'option !
  • Great converter. Best audio quality.