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  • Sorry, I don't know how to reply to your comment - I want to disable autoplay as a default option in your add-on. Right now it's ON by default and I have to click the icon to turn it off every single time I watch the next youtube video. There should be a way to have it always OFF (or always ON if you like it so). I love the add-on but it's really annoying you have to toggle the autoplay button all the time..

    Developer response

    This doesn't really have anything to do with the addon, this is a problem from YouTube, see here:


  • This really is a hugely useful feature that YouTube never should have removed. It's now again possible to easily find the next video in a series (or a video uploaded the next day, etc.) without having to trawl through everything uploaded by that channel yourself. Works with SmartVideo For YouTube enabled too.

    It's particularly useful when you've added a video in a series to your "watch later" playlist. Just remove "&list=[playlist id]" from the url and reload, then you can easily navigate to the next video.

  • Appendix big well done! After installing the 2.0.1 update does not work on YT --- Help;/

  • Loads like the profile page, as opposed to old 'user/related' sidebar. Super convenient when you want to see what else a user has uploaded without going through the profile page- browser while you watch, like YT used to allow!

    Includes autoplay and shuffle, also, when it loads. middle-click and ctrl-click to open in new tabs- all while your video plays!

    Restores the functionality YT should never have lost.