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  • I get this error: "can't convert undefined to object"
  • This was an awesome downloader until a few weeks ago, when I began getting "cannot detect url_encoded_fmt_stream_map errors on some videos. Sometimes, rarely, a refresh (F5) clears it up. Stuck using Video DownloadHelper, which is sub-par. Any chance of a fix? Thx
  • Better than all other YouTube downloaders. It keeps things simple. YouTube now streams separate files for HD video and audio. This addon uses ffmpeg (trusted open source video software) to thread the video and audio together and give you a complete result. No weird registrations required. The plugin parses all the available different video and audio qualities for you to chose from. The only downside is you must go into the plugin options to install the native client and ffmpeg, but that's easy as downloading and running a bat file and pressing an install button.
  • No MP3 download possible, you would have to convert cumbersome.
  • It at least works, which is something that most other YouTube MP3 format downloaders don't do. But even when I requested an MP3 file, it downloaded the video in MP4 format, and it did so at a very low bitrate, making for a sub-par audio line. Would not recommend.
  • working good
  • Very nice.
  • Good job! Works great! THANKS
  • "Auf Ihre Daten für alle Websites zugreifen

    Die Erweiterung kann sowohl den Inhalt jeder von Ihnen besuchten Webseite lesen als auch die Daten, die Sie dort eingeben, z. B. Benutzernamen und Passwörter. "
    No thx!
  • Seems to work sometimes. Not terribly bad.
  • very irritating to install, didn't work; used to work fine; make it work; too bad, will find other solution
  • good
  • Working nicely after setting of nodejs and ffmpeg options, merging not always working though, requires manual intervention at times...
  • Nice Danke
  • wow kereen bangeet
  • l'Add On Marche tres bien sur la nouvelle mise a jour de Firefox