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  • 比什么VDH好用多了,完整下载,同时还下载了音轨。非常给力
  • This extension is the best and most versatile downloader once I've managed to get it working, but every single time I have to redownload it, the procedure to get it fully up and running changes. And lately I don't know what to do to get it working. I got the add-on installed of course, and want to get the rest of them working but I can't find any instructions or executables anywhere. I can't find any links in the description, there's one link in the Options section and it leads to a page that has two potential downloads for Windows, neither of which has an executable to install the extensions. There's no instructions anywhere that I can see and I've looked on all the sites I can find. I'm pretty much out in the cold here.
  • Yet again a new Firefox (66.0.2) update has messed this downloader up hence the signatureLocal: Signature cannot be verified message. This downloader also hasn't been updated for seven months so that probably adds to the problem - when working it's a five star extension.
  • cant work
  • pretty nice
  • download panel doesnt work, quick download downloads a lot of files, crap app
  • Worked up to 3/1/2019 on a Macbook Air running OS10.13.6 and Firefox 65.0.1, but today, 3/7/2019, it doesn't work, giving me a message "signatureLocal: Signature cannot be verified".
  • Good opensource app. Unlike other addons it's clear what it does and how.
  • nice addon.
    but I miss a setting to set a custom download link for the "Quick Download" button.
  • This is probably the best Add-on to download YouTube Videos, however, the Download button below the video got removed when I updated to the new YouTube UI(by clearing the cookies) please have an update on this one.