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  • ok, work. but so many permissions is required. suspiciously

  • Danke!!! Ich habe dieses geniale Tool so vermießt, es ist endlich wieder da!

  • ainda vou testar

  • smooth as butter

  • GOOD

  • It was perfect before it was a WebEx. Now the only only issue that I see it, and I hope they will fix this; is that if you want to download files into a diferent folder than default, and you have your download folder's path diferent of the default's, this extension doesn't remember last download folder, and the download window takes you ever to the default download target not where you need to download it. The last non webex version didn't have this behavior, and it did remember the last download path. So please fix this on this version.

  • I have used this so much for archiving youtube-only content. It works fantastically and cleanly. I used to use Flashgot, but this is an adequate replacement (since I mostly need downloads from youtube).

    Thank you RayLo!

  • Download videos and mp3 but unfortunatelly it uses external application to convert them.

  • Thank you for your hard work.
    It is very nice to be given a choice between audio-only, video-only and the combined versions.
    Are videos downloadable in a 1080p or higher quality?

  • nicee

  • The best. No redirecting to another website, and lots of options.

  • best

  • It's a great add-on...

  • todo everthings

  • It so fast

  • shakil

  • Prática, bonita e funciona otimamente.

  • please help mw

  • Very Clean interface!! Functions without fuss!!

  • Downloads audio-only when I select movie+audio

  • So many of the Youtube downloader extensions redirect you to shady third-party sites with loads of ads to do the downloading. This does direct downloads from Youtube, and while it appears to integrate with FFMPEG, it doesn't require it. This is the one to get.

    Only one minor niggle; would prefer to have the list of formats available in the download panel available from the popup; I use a greasemonkey script to make the video player full-screen and it doesn't play nice with the extension, so for anything but the quick download I have to disable that greasemonkey script. But it's a minor thing, I can disable the greasemonkey script when I need to.

  • не получается загрузка

  • very easy download best addon

  • useless

  • Doesn't work for playlists