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  • It won't replay the video, and just skips to the next
  • great! my favorite youtube replayer! icon is useful for full screen
  • Just sends YouTube videos into a tailspin (a shrunk video keeps wanting to expand) that won't play. This is just by having this installed (not even enabling the loop feature, which seems to be blank). Please preview things before you roll them out.

    Will continue to use the old version (which works!) for this until all these new Web Extensions start working properly.
  • This addon does what it says : with a click it allows the repeat of the video.
  • It just works
    Thank you
    firefox 50.1
  • This addons is very useful, I use it everyday and I almost forgot this is a addon!

    I use mostly for listening youtube music and loop the play. Thanks!
  • Thank you! It works perfect with my firefox 39.0.
  • Works great.

    Playlist varsa çalışmıyor. Bir sonraki vidyoya geçiyor. Ama süper yine de.
  • It works well cooperated with adblock plus.
  • Is it possible to have the option to have the replay on by default when the page loads? Half the time I forget to press the button, then realise half an hour later.
  • I have tried it on a number of music videos and the feature works perfectly.

    Very useful if you are reading an online book, and want to set up music ahead of time.
  • Works as described. Easy to use.
  • Thumbs up. Works as described.
  • いつもこのアドオンに助けられています。ありがとうございます!
  • [UPDATED 2-18-13] Correction. I apologize developer. This is working now. It was not working after install but is working great now. No idea what happened. Working great. Thanks.

    Shows it was updated this week, as of writing this, but it still doesn't work. I like the replay icon placement compared to most other addons that of this type.
    Thanks for the review.

    Please contact us at :

    support @ barisderin . com
  • mais um complemento fundamental. amei!!!
  • I have waited for new replay button for a long time. Thanks for fixing it for the new designed youtube.
  • Version 1.8 again working well!
    Thanks fixing it!
  • muy util y practico .
    mil gracias
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