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34 reviews for this add-on
  • mantap

  • This add-on looks like a good idea, but it falls short. There are no 1080p links (actually, there are no video track links, just video+audio, as well as no audio links), what is just like all other add-ons do.

    It shows the available subtitles for the film, what is nice, but the download buttons don't always work, what is lame. The subtitles are downloaded as .XML files, which have to be converted to some usable format, like .SRT, using other tools.

    It also breaks the YouTube site, some times. The videos don't play, the info and comments do not load...

  • Es Excelenta

  • work but so stupid implementation. recommended to delete

  • nice

  • Horrible!

  • gh

  • bermanfaat sekali

  • in my idea,it's very good extension

  • No need just not working as in description explained refers during download to leave comment suggest to donate for whattttt?it doesnt works at all dude much disappointed coz Firefox usually serious but no adding this!

  • confusing to operate

  • Good

  • No download button.

  • Nice

  • For some reason, when installed my youtube defaults to Cinema mode, Turned it off and now my youtube runs fine. Uninstalled. Just too annoying

  • It works but I removed it because of the very annoying updates. Every time there is an update Firefox switches to a new tab with the update info. If I am reading something or typing something I am interrupted. It is very annoying and may happen more than once a day.

  • Works very well. I removed a star for the interface cluttering the page. One or two linked selection boxes would have been better.

  • для скачивания необходим аккаунт в facebook

  • Regrets,elle ne fonctionne plus avec le nouveau Mozilla Firefox,sniff !!


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  • ดีเยี่ยม

  • When I select the video type it shows in "download" at 0% and never changes from that.

    The example link in the "about" section works, but that is the only video I can download.

    Also, the options under the video take up way too much room on the page. Waaaay too much.

  • Einfach zum handhaben und funktioniert saumäßig gut funktionieren

  • Super spitzenklasse

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