Wrong format Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I've downloaded this because it said it supported MP3.This is an error, it supports MP4.So for those who wish to download just the audio, this add-on is worthless. Maybe it's good for those who want Video, don't know about that. But frankly, a code writer not knowing the difference between MP3 and MP4, I wouldn't trust.

Edit of review: Since the developer responds very quickly, I rate the software higher now. But I'm still confused about the description of the software, I quote:
"Youtube Video and Audio Downloader (iaextractor) downloads Youtube videos (using Firefox download manager) in all available formats (FLV, MP3, WebM, and 3GP) with video quality of your choice. It also contains a pure JavaScript library to extract the audio file out of FLV videos. "

It says here MP3 in the line written by the developer. But in the reply I got the respond talked about AAC (which has a higher quality if I'm correct) but it's still confusing whether the MP3 should be MP4 or AAC. I'll give it another try to get AAC files instead of MP3, but the description should be edited by the developer since this is very confusing. I'll rate it a 5/5 once i figure out how to extract audio AND in the format(s) written in the description.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

typo is fixed

To download audio file, you need to choose FLV video format (default video format). After successful download, the extension will try to extract the audio file from the downloaded video. If the process is not successful, there will be an erroe.log; other than this, the original quality audio file will be generated next to the video file.