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  • זה לא מוריד את הטקסט ככתוביות אלא כקובץ טקסט..
    It does not download the text as subtitles but as a text file ..
  • Funciona perfectamente
  • Works well - thanks Nguyen!
  • ** Stopped working
    It shows the available subtitle as a link, but nothing happens after clicking on the link.
  • It's works greate! thanks. 잘작동합니다. 여러언어 자막도 받을 수 있습니다.
  • subs are important especially when the darn vid is in Spanish
  • want it
  • Just testing this add-on. Working great. Thanks.
  • It worked swell with old YouTube's layout but new one ruined it.
  • DOES work with Firefox ESR v52.9. Does NOT work with Firefox Quantum v.60. WHY does Mozilla make such useful extensions so hard to use???
    Hi Instar,
    Thanks for using my add-on.
    I don't have Firefox Quantum v.60 on my computer. I tried with Firefox Quantum v.61.0.2 (64 bit) on Windows and it seems to be OK.
    Please try to update your Firefox, or let me know your operating system (Windows, Ubuntu, Linux Mint,...).
  • Just found this add-on today. Download and try with a Youtube movie. Works great.
    Thank you very, very much.
  • It doesn't work anymore :(
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