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  • Perfect Add-on.

  • A great replacement for the old abandoned Youtube Center addon!
    It allows to tweak YT and make it more usable.
    Works correctly on FF49 x64.

    The features I like the most are:
    - Remove autoplay up next (so annoying)
    - Default video quality
    - Grid layout
    - Change volume with mouse wheel (even if it's a bit buggy)
    - Enable Pop-out mode (but I'd like an exception for the popup blocker)

    It misses these good ones from YC, however:
    - default player volume (expecially for YT players on external pages)
    - show likes\dislikes info on thumbnail (e.g: useful to identify the best videos in a playlist)
    - thumbnail preview animation (even if it stopped working a while ago)


  • Hello! Many thanks, thats really work.

  • Just WOW. Definitely the best ext for youtube i've ever used.

  • Wowwwwww super super

  • I was using a non-WebExtension app previously, to just control auto-play on load. This is way better!

    I'm loving a lot of the features (especially fit to window in Theater Mode, and Mode Memory).

  • Great

  • I recommend everybody a good app

  • Back when it was working, this addon for YouTube is the best there is.

    But since updating to the newest version of the Firefox, I see this:

    Not available for Firefox 47.0

    So it needs an update urgently so we can continue to use it.

    Developer response

    Hello TrueBlue1981. The most recent Firefox version is 48.0.2, the minimum Firefox version for YT+ 1.4.1 and above is FF 48 due to the migration of the addon into webextension version. Please update your browser to the latest version in order to use the most recent YT+ version. You can see the required Firefox version ("Works with Firefox 48.0 and later") in the version information section at the end of the addon page, or in the version history page : https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/youtube-plus/versions/

  • This is fucking awesome! I love it.

  • 影片可以"網頁全螢幕"很好用

  • Very useful!

  • Nice addon!

  • The best YT extension out there!!!

  • [solved] hey can you add the function where you can control volume through your mouse wheel when focusing on videos

    Developer response

    Hello ultravigo, YT+ already offers a volume control through mouse-wheel feature: https://github.com/ParticleCore/Particle/wiki/Features#wheel_volume

  • I think this is a good replacement of the Magic Actions addon and Youtube Center but we need a few more features from it.

    1. Dark theme switch
    2. Step of volume adjustment (we need this ASAP since the default step is too fine and should be 10)
    3. MP4/AVC Download button
    4. Separate auto play / auto buffer option
    5. Flex width/custom width adjustment (the column is too narrow on widescreen)

  • I Never comment But These are Great extension xD

  • Outstanding utility

  • Great add-on! Give you the options YouTube should. 3 suggestions tho, if I may:

    1. Option to auto-hide watched videos in subscriptions feed.
    2. Option to download videos in MP4 format.
    3. Option to make the left menu sidebar visible on video pages.

  • Finally I can buffer videos completely. That's all I ever wanted Youtube. Thank you particle, you god amongst men.

  • It works great and it is so light weight for browser memory!

    Consider updating or please tell me how to fix this:
    - using together with convert2mp3 extension, it removes custom buttons (download mp3 and download mp4)
    from youtube page (see images in link)

    - or integrate download mp3/mp4 function.
    Thank you

  • Prevent auto-play videos is not as consistent, maybe sth changed in YouTube again. Except that great add-on.

    EDIT: I think I found the culprit, it happens when I open videos from channels that I have subscribed! I just unsubscribed from a channel, I refresh the page and now when I load videos from that channel prevent autoplay works!

    Developer response

    Hello spiron, I am unable to replicate this problem. It is possible this is being caused by two reasons; either the player is switching to the Flash player, which YT+ does not support, or you have other add-ons causing conflict with YT+

    Follow the troubleshooting guide to discover what is causing this: https://github.com/ParticleCore/Particle/wiki/Report-a-problem#troubleshooting

    Additionally if the video links contain timestamps in the url (&t=23s or #time=34) then the video will play automatically as this is an intended behavior for normal functionality.

  • Really great addon!

  • its joined, with youtube anywhere player ,youtube panel and netvideohunter! With these three extensions you cant watch youtube in very high definition, no speed problems, on desktop.cenima mode anywhere on youtube site or on computer seemlessly. On youtube sight right click to go to new page and receive the many features the other app provides, screenshots,a different but just as appealing cenima mode,fullbrowser mode and popout player ability! Many different customization to create the perfect youtube video wathcing combination, performance and visually. Plus the recording software that works with the anywhere player and every extension I've found is Netvideohunter! 5 stars for this plugin and the other two youtube apps with netvideohunter!

  • This is excellent. Awesome features and the all important 30fps only mode. Wow.