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  • Клас

  • Super ADDON,weiter so
    Frank Huettenrauch

  • Amazing addon with all the features you can imagine to enhace ur YT experience

  • Ich kann leider noch nicht bewerten

  • This is my favorite YouTube extension ... ever.

  • Alo

  • جيد

  • very good

  • j'aime bien le ptit popup,pratique pour continuer a regarder une vieo tout en lisant les commentaires

  • very useful and smart

  • 很喜欢这个扩展的功能哦!

  • great extension

  • I've been using Particle with the new YT design for months, unil today. Where did it go and why?

    UPD. Iridium. Yes. Great addon! I don't understand how it got deleted from my browser. At first, I thought that it happened because Greasemonkey was updated to be compatible with Quantum, but now I'm not sure.

    UPD. It was really about Greasemonkey. I've downloaded js from Github and loaded with Tampermonkey, enabling Material again (hard to find how to, when it was once disabled). But, now it's working again for me. Yay!

    Btw, Greasemonkey's devs suggest script writers to update their scripts for the new GM version, cause there's no backward compatibility in it: https://www.greasespot.net/2017/09/greasemonkey-4-announcement.html

    Developer response

    Hi Alex, this extension is not compatible with the new YouTube Material layout. The replacement extension Iridium is currently under development and I will try to release it before this year ends.

  • 还可以

  • мне это интересует

  • пробую

  • super !!!

  • It's super

  • good

  • I'm basically pleased with the add-on, but the notice regarding incompatibility with the new material design of YouTube blocks the user's ability to revert to the old version of YouTube--it literally blocks the "submit" button, thus it's necessary to disable the add-on and re-enable it every time, which is unfortunate.

  • super

  • Very useful thanks ! :)

  • My entire youtube/feed/subscription keeps disappearing?


    never mind I got it back.

  • es buenisima, la recomiendo en su totalidad, es exelente!

  • Say how to use iridium beta script? Thanks!