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  • me gusta

  • I hate this app everything shoul be free

  • good

  • Great extension, does what it's supposed to. The only extension I've tried that actually stops Youtube auto-play.

  • A must for me, thanks so much. I would really like if you added the option to see the % ratio of like/dislikes with each video, as it really would make a lot more sense than YT just showing the individual number of likes/dislikes.

  • Very nice, since it let me replace 2 of my old Addons:
    - "YouTube ALL HTML5" (which recently stopped working for me and removed the youtube video entirely, leaving only a black rectangle in its place)
    - "FlashStopper" (which despite the name also stops HTML5 videos but was causing some issues on other websites besides youtube for me)

    Now I can load a video in a new page, have it automatically paused with the thumbnail showing until I press play and it starts loading. Also lets me make the videos default to cinema mode and 1080p.

    So all in all it has all I need.

  • youtube ad blocker option doesnt work.

  • برای اینکه کامل و بی نقص است


  • Non riesco a vedere i video.

  • Makes YouTube better.

  • New

  • Amazeballs

  • The Legend of Youtube App's... THE LEGEND.

  • the best

  • 0.0

  • I have not used it yet so if all goes well it will change to a 5 star.

  • &disable_polymer=true

    at the end of a video's URL restores the classic design

    or https://greasyfork.org/de/scripts/32906-get-me-old-youtube

  • My Windows 7 PC broke so I installed Win10 on a new PC - and found out that I can't activate the classic version in YouTube anymore.
    So I copied over my "C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla"-Folder from my old PC to the new one and this method restored the classic YouTube View - so I could use this Addon again.

    => If you can*t activate the classic YouTube version find an old "AppData\Roaming\Mozilla"-Folder and replace it with yours. Be advised that this folder also stores all website passwords!

  • I think YouTube got rid of it's classic version. There is no option in the drop down box to switch anymore, therefore I think this is outdated for good. Thanks for YouTube Plus, it has changed my experience dramatically!

  • yeAW

  • Great add-on. If only Youtube was this flexible out of the box. A must have if you frequent YT!

  • A wonderful addon!

  • I don't know how I ever used YouTube without this.

    It takes some customization, but it's worth it.

  • 100% compatible y full rendimiento

  • A lot of features that work very well. I love the pop-out viewer and the ability to hide almost anything. The auto video page for channels is a must. Thank You!