80 reviews
  • Great
  • Best thing since invention of you tube
  • Big thanks for a solution to a problem that shouldn't exist!!
  • Works wonders on the desktop version but unavailable on the mobile version, otherwise a 5/5 add-on.
  • very well written :)
  • omg I just found this a couple days ago and it is the freaking BEST!! I love my youtube music playlist as I work from home and I was running to restart it every 40 min for hours...no more! thank you so much! huge gratitude!
  • This works fine on desktop Firefox, but it doesn't work on the Android version of Firefox.
  • Used to be able to get around the pesky confirmation until 2 days ago when it stopped working completely, earlier it was an awesome addon, but atm it's not doing anything, probably due to some update on youtubes end.
    EDIT: Been using YuoTube NonStop for about 5 months, and worked flawlessly until now, so im pretty sure YouTube updated something to make sure YouTube NonStop no longer works.
    EDIT2: Now it sometimes work, and sometimes not, quite confusing.
    EDIT3: Now it's back to working every time, seems like the days it wasn't working was when Youtube was rolling out some new updates like how you now can preview a vid by merely hovering over it.
  • Autopauze still happens in fullscreen-mode
  • the add on works like a charm.. finaly i can let the the music flow trough the night.. god bless ya and keep up the good work man
  • This app make my beautiful day back again.