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  • Эх блин, не всё работает, очень жаль. Видео хоть и не воспроизводится автоматически, но буферизуется. Также не работает автопауза при смене вкладки. Это же расширение для Google Chrome останавливает буферизацию, хотя настройки одинаковые.
  • conflict with you tube ADULT VIDEOS
  • Great!
  • Sometimes is does not work.
    I found another addon which always works:
    Autoplay No More
    by Kiko
  • Works as intended. Simple as that.
  • Work just like on chrome. bravo
  • Не то что нужно. Как можно увидеть превьюшку перед видео? Каким расширением? В браузере на полный экран его видно какие-то доли секунды, потом идет воспроизведение, а это расширение лишь останавливает уже начатое воспроизведение, да и то, не всегда
  • Thank You So Much Dear "James Fray" , For This Brilliant addon , But , This addon have two problem , 1. when ,open a new youtube video , by click on it , this addon doesn,t work . and 2. when open many youtube video , in a new tabs , but , dont go in video tabs , this addon doesn,t work .
  • It does indeed stop autoplay and pre-loading and at first appears to be an excellent solution, but unfortunately it also interferes with YouTube's ad system in such a way that the ad cycles in a loop and the video never starts. That makes it unusable for me. I tested this in Firefox 65.0.2 on Windows7-64.
  • Перестало работать в Youtube. Отключил, удалил. Поставил заново. Все отлично!
  • It didn't work - I opened one video page and it started playing immediately. I put it on pause and the load bar continued moving, so even on pause it was still loading. I have a data limit on my connection; auto-play is NOT an option for me. (This is my first attempt to use an up-to-date version of Firefox, and I've had to change almost all of my addons. If I can't find something to stop YT - or any - videos from auto-playing I'll be abandoning this version and going back to the one that works.)
  • funktioniert einwndfrei wenn man Haken 1 und drei aktiviert
  • Godsend

    Youtube has no shame by breaking extensions to force their politics.